Tax Forms and Tax Payments in .NET

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Tax Forms and Tax Payments
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uickBooks is not an income tax program, but it does its part toward tax simpli cation. QuickBooks tracks the information that you need to prepare income and payroll tax forms. You can also train the system to associate certain totals with speci c lines on the returns and tax forms.
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Associating account totals with income tax forms Generating income tax reports and summaries Payroll tax forms 1099 Misc forms Paying payroll tax liabilities
Associating Account Totals with Income Tax Forms Website ean13 printing in .net
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If you used the EasyStep Interview to set up your company as discussed in 5, you were asked to provide the company s tax year and the income tax form that your company uses to report its liability. 3 mentioned that the form used for reporting tax liability is based on the type of business entity. 3 also gives you a rundown of the various types of legal entities sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and limited liability corporation. Refer to 3 now if you are having an identity crisis as to which type of tax form your company should use. If you are not familiar with the type of form your company uses, or if you have questions as to how it should be completed, you need to consult with an accountant. There s no way around it. Once you have reviewed the form and are comfortable with the information requested, you can go ahead and associate account information with the various lines on the tax form by following these steps: 1. Go to Lists Chart of Accounts. Select the account that you want to have associated with a speci c line on the tax-reporting form (or add a new account).
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432 Part V Payroll and Taxes
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2. Click the Account menu button at the bottom of the screen, and select Edit from the drop-down menu. The Edit Account window shown in Figure 24-1 appears.
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Figure 24-1: The Edit Account window is where you associate an account with a tax form line.
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3. Use the drop-down list at the input box for the tax line to associate the account with the correct tax line. If the account does not appear on the tax form, select <Not tax related>.
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If tax lines are not showing in the Edit Account window, you need to select a tax form for the company as discussed in 5.
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If you would like to prepare the tax return for your new business but feel that you are not quite up to the task, you might consider having an accountant prepare it the rst year. You ll then have a sample return to help you gure out how to report various types of revenue and expenses in subsequent years.
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Generating Income Tax Reports and Summaries
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QuickBooks generates three different types of income tax reports: the Income Tax Summary, the Income Tax Detail, and the Income Tax Preparation reports. (To access them, go to Reports Accountant & Taxes, and then select the type of report you want from the submenu.) The Income Tax Summary discloses the total cumulative year-to-date amount associated with each line of the company s tax form as shown in Figure 24-2.
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24 Tax Forms and Tax Payments
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Figure 24-2: The Income Tax Summary shows you the total amount assigned to each line on the tax form.
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The Income Tax Detail report shows the actual transactions associated with each tax line for the tax form, as shown in Figure 24-3. The Income Tax Preparation report lists each account in your Chart of Accounts and indicates what type of account it is and the line on your income tax return with which it is associated.
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Figure 24-3: The Income Tax Detail report provides information about speci c transactions associated with each tax line.
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A sample Income Tax Preparation report is shown in Figure 24-4.
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You can use the QuickZoom on the Tax Line Unassigned line to view a list of all accounts that are not associated with a speci c tax line.
To create an Income Tax Summary or Income Tax Detail report, go to Reports Accountant & Taxes and then choose Income Tax Summary, Income Tax Detail, or Income Tax Preparation.