Part V Payroll and Taxes in .NET

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400 Part V Payroll and Taxes
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Figure 21-10: An interview is available to help you decide among various payrollprocessing services offered by QuickBooks for an additional fee.
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Employee paychecks are surprisingly intricate documents, often involving multiple Wage, Tax, Addition, Deduction, and Contribution Items. QuickBooks streamlines the process by enabling you to set up Items for recurring types of payroll entries: The EasyStep Interview is highly recommended for setting up your payroll initially. Many of the Payroll Items your company needs are automatically set up during the interview process. Pay attention to the legal difference between an employee and an independent contractor. You do not need to withhold taxes for workers that meet the legal criteria for independent contractor status. There are four basic tax forms led by every business that maintains payroll: the W-4, the W-2, Form 940, and Form 941. Employers are also required to le a W-5 form for any employees claiming the advance payment of the earned income credit. All Payroll Items appear on a special Payroll Items List. There are eight categories of Payroll Items: Wage, Commission, Addition, Deduction, Company Contribution, Federal Tax, State Tax, and Other Tax.
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Maintaining Employee Information and Keeping Your Employee List Up-to-Date
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Employee Lists: The QuickBooks Default Feature Setting up individual employees Entering year-to-date payroll information Maintaining an Employee List
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t is necessary for you to read this chapter even if your company sends its payroll to an outside service. This chapter is for any business that deals with that allimportant human element the employees. This chapter teaches you how to set up and maintain an Employee List, which contains necessary personnel information about each worker who crosses your threshold. Unfortunately, I can t help you gure out how to make everyone get along, show up, or stop sur ng the Internet on company time.
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Employees versus Independent Contractors
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Although the services they perform for your company may be the same, there is a vast difference between accounting for workers who are classi ed by the IRS as employees and those that are considered independent contractors. 21 delved into this topic in detail and summarized the IRS criteria. Basically, if a worker is an employee, your business must withhold payroll taxes and is nancially responsible for the employermatching portion of Social Security. Obviously, it is to
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402 Part V Payroll and Taxes
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the company s advantage to classify workers as independent contractors whenever it is appropriate to do so. But, as discussed in 3, the penalties for erroneous classi cation and failure to withhold dictate some caution. In QuickBooks, the process for adding employees and independent contractors is slightly different. Both procedures are discussed in this section.
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Adding an employee
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Employees are workers for whom you withhold taxes. You can designate employees as inactive if they have not yet started, are on a leave of absence, are suspended, or have been terminated. You can also customize the information you maintain for each employee. QuickBooks helps you maintain accurate personal information for each employee by following these steps: 1. From the Employees menu, choose Employee List. An Employee List such as the one shown in Figure 22-1 appears.
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Figure 22-1: A sample Employee List.
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2. From the Employee menu button, choose New. The dialog box shown in Figure 22-2 appears. 3. Complete the Personal, Address and Contact, and Additional Info tabs. The information you enter in these elds can be exported and used in a form letter.
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22 Maintaining Employee Information
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Select if you do not want this employee to be processed or appear on the Employee List Figure 22-2: Enter Employee information using this dialog box.
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4. (Optional) To the right of the dialog box, just below the Help button, select the Employee Is Inactive checkbox if you do not want the employee s paycheck to be processed with the rest of your payroll and do not want the employee to be displayed on your Employee List unless you choose the Show Inactive Employees from the Employee List. 5. On the Additional Info tab, enter any information you want to store for this employee. 6. (Optional) If you want to customize the information maintained on your employees by adding or deleting information elds, click the De ne Fields button as shown in Figure 22-3. The dialog box shown in Figure 22-4 appears. 7. Fill in any custom elds or click De ne Fields to add custom elds that track employee information, such as a birthday or spouse name, and click OK when nished. 8. (Optional) Enter an account number to set up this employee as an online payee. 9. Enter the billing rate level if you want to set up custom service rates for this employee. 10. From the Change Tabs drop-down list, choose Employment Info, and ll out the information in the Employment tab. 11. If you are using QuickBooks to manage your payroll, choose Payroll and Compensation Info from the Change Tabs drop-down list and ll out the Payroll Info tab.
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