Customizing estimates in .NET

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Customizing estimates
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There are several minor changes you may want to make to the Estimate template. The default estimate shows a message at the bottom of the form saying,
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360 Part IV Managing Your Business with QuickBooks
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This estimate is good for 30 days. You may want to change that to a different time period (such as 15 or 60 days). The default estimate also uses a rather small font; you may want to make it larger. You might also want to add a eld for employee initials, to keep track of which employee issued the estimate. To customize the estimate template, follow these steps: 1. Open the Template drop-down list and choose Customize. 2. Choose the estimate template name in the Templates window. 3. Click the Templates menu button, and choose Edit. 4. Follow the procedures described in 15 to customize the form.
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Creating multiple estimates for a single customer
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QuickBooks allows only one estimate per job. If you already have an estimate for a particular customer and job, when you choose it from the Customer:Job drop-down list in Step 2 of the preceding exercise, the old estimate appears. You must modify or delete it; you can t create an additional one. Sometimes, however, you may need more than one estimate per job. For example, suppose Mr. Smith wants a new deck, but he isn t sure what size he wants. He wants you to give him estimates for two different sizes so that he can compare the costs. To do this in QuickBooks, create a separate job for each estimate you want to create. Give the jobs similar names, so that it s clear they are related. For example, you might have Deck Option1 and Deck Option2. To create multiple estimates for a customer or job, make sure the estimates feature is turned on (go to Edit Preferences Jobs & Estimates Company Preferences) and then follow these steps: 1. From the Customers menu, choose Create Estimates. 2. Enter the name of the client or project (Customer:Job). 3. Enter the name of the customer or job. 4. Select a template from the drop-down menu. 5. To create a proposal, select the Proposal template from the dropdown menu. 6. Enter the line items for each job. Each estimate will be marked Active. You can change the status later. 7. When the customer accepts one or all of the estimates for a job, but you want to keep a record of the estimates, change the status of each job to Closed. 8. Changing the status to Closed allows you to keep a record of the estimates and allows you to condense data in the future. Only closed jobs can be condensed. Web Forms ean 13 implementation in .net
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20 QuickBooks Pro: Estimates and Time Tracking
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If you create invoices from estimates, creating an invoice for one of multiple estimates for the same job requires you to choose one of the active estimates and then create the invoice directly from that estimate form.
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When the customer accepts one of the estimates, you can either delete the unaccepted estimates or mark their status as Inactive. Deselect the Estimate Active checkbox and choose Edit Delete Estimate (see Figure 20-1).
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See 9 for information about setting the status of a job.
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Creating an Invoice from an Estimate
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After the customer accepts your estimate and you perform the job or deliver the merchandise, you re ready to create an invoice. Rather than starting from scratch and trying to remember what prices you quoted, you should let QuickBooks turn the estimate into an invoice for you. This ensures that you do not charge the customer more than you originally estimated and that you don t leave out any billable items that you promised and delivered.
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Instead of using the following procedure, you can create an invoice for the Customer:Job you want to bill. QuickBooks will point out that an estimate exists and ask if you wish to bill from it.
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To convert an estimate into an invoice, follow these steps: 1. Display the estimate. To do so, choose Customers Create Estimates, and locate the estimate for the customer and job that you want to display using the Previous and Next icons until you arrive at the estimate you want. 2. Click the Create Invoice button. The invoice appears. (If you have set up QuickBooks to do progress invoicing, an extra dialog box appears rst; see the section that follows these steps for the details.) 3. Make any changes needed to the invoice. 4. (Optional) Print the invoice now by clicking the Print button, or make sure that the To Be Printed checkbox is marked to print it later. 5. Click Save & Close.
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