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We have talked about the addressing of hosts on a network, but what about communicating with hosts on a different network. This is an important part of TCP/IP and is how the protocol is so scalable. Even though you can have non-routable addresses, you still have to make sure these machines are able to communicate with machines on other logical networks (whether subnetted local networks or public Internet machines) and the Internet.
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6 Understanding Your Linux Network
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The Linux routing table contains network routes for a few specific networks. Whenever you add an IP address for a specific network interface, a route is created based on the IP address and network mask you assign. If TCP/IP communication is needed to a machine that is in the same network or subnetwork as your machine, the traffic will be sent out through that network interface for local delivery. If the routing algorithm is not able to find the destination address of the machine in your routing table based on the network mask, it attempts to send the TCP/IP packet to your default route. To see the kernel routing table, use route -n (see Listing 6-1). This displays your routes without looking up host names (this saves a lot of time).
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Listing 6-1: Output of route -n
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bible:/usr/sbin # route -n Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask
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Iface eth0 eth0 lo eth0
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In this example, the IP address of the machine called bible is As you can see from the routing table, there is a route to the network through the eth0 device. The IP address we talked about before can be seen in the code output, and this refers to the default router we are using if our routing table does not understand how to communicate with a machine we specify. In this case, the default route is This is the IP address of a router that connects to the Internet. When a packet is received by your router, it will do roughly the same thing with your TCP/IP packet, distinguishing if it knows how to send the packet directly to a network it is connected to or whether it should send the packet to a preferred route. Depending on what capabilities the router has and where the router is on the Internet, it may know the best route for the network you are trying to communicate with directly. This usually happens only on larger core routers, but this is how a packet eventually ends up at its destination. Larger routers know roughly where to send a packet to because they are more intelligent and have more connections to core parts of the Internet. This kind of router is usually your ISP s router, which has a link into the backbone Internet connection of a country or region.
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And Breathe . . .
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TCP/IP is not an easy technology to comprehend, but you should now have enough information to understand the basics of TCP/IP and how it relates to Linux throughout the rest of the book.
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ew Linux books provide separate chapters on logging, discussing log files only in the context of the applications that create them. In reality, because Linux stores all of the log files for system applications in a single directory, examining logging as a general concept provides some good insights should you ever need to try to diagnose a system problem on your SUSE system. Logging is the way that Linux tells you what is happening, from general status information to error logging. This proves very useful for day-to-day diagnostics and should be the first port of call for any anomalies that you find on your system. We will talk about the de facto logging facility in Linux, syslog; the newer and more versatile syslog-ng (next generation); logrotate (for managing the log files once written); and even briefly about future directions in Linux logging such as evlog, the enterprise logging facility brought over from AIX by IBM.
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