Part II The SUSE System in .NET

Encoder barcode standards 128 in .NET Part II The SUSE System
Part II The SUSE System
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Table 6-3: Address Classes and Network Masks
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Class A B C Network Mask
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So if you take the IP address of, you can look back at Table 6-2 and see that this is a Class C address. And in looking up the network mask, you see it is for a Class C address. To find a distinction between network and host components, the routing algorithm in the Linux kernel needs to do binary math. It does a logical AND operation on the network mask and the IP address. We discuss the math needed later in this chapter, but for now we will deal with class-based host/network distinction as this can be done with standard decimal math. Wherever there is a 255 in the network mask, you effectively highlight the network component of the address. What you are left with is the network component of the IP address minus the host portion. So for a Class C address, like the example address used here, with a netmask of, you can see that 192.168.0 is the network component. You can, as a matter of deduction, see that the host component of the address is .1. You write the network component as a zero-padded address, so the network address of is, in fact, So, you can now say that the address is in the network and is host number 1 in this network. Every IP address must have a network mask to be able to function. One cannot live without the other.
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Special IP addresses
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Earlier in the chapter, we talked about the IP addresses and These are reserved addresses and are used to signify all IP and broadcast addresses, respectively. The address is a way of saying all networks and is commonly seen when we define a default route in Linux. The address is a catchall address that is called a broadcast address. All IP addresses on a network will listen to this address, as well as their own IP address for broadcast traffic. The address (in the example we are discussing) is called the network address and again is reserved for internal use in TCP/IP. This is the same as the address, but refers to the specific network as opposed to all networks.
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Note The term broadcast is used to describe a way of communicating with many machines simultaneously on a network. In the case of, the broadcast address of is used to broadcast to all machines in the network. The term unicast refers to a one-to-one communication to a specific host. Therefore, if you communicated directly to, you would be performing a unicast operation. The term multicast refers to a broadcast to a selected group of hosts, such as all hosts on the network.
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6 Understanding Your Linux Network
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To sum up, you can say that the IP address of has a network address of and a broadcast address of In Table 6-2 we talked about the number of hosts per network. We take this a step further now and specify based on the network mask how many hosts are available in each network (see Table 6-4).
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Table 6-4: Network Class and Host Allocation
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Class A B C Hosts Available Using as the network component, you have 16,581,375 (2^8*2^8*2^8) available hosts. Using as the network component, you have 65,025 (2^8*2^8) available hosts. Using as the network component, you have 255 (2^8) available hosts.
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Remember that .255 and .0 are reserved, so the actual number of hosts available is two less than those stated.
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If an organization has been given a Class A network for its use, it has an awful lot of hosts it can use. It takes a lot to be allocated a Class A address and is normally reserved for Internet service providers (ISPs). Even then, it would have to be an extremely large organization to justify the allocation of over 16 million public IP addresses. Most organizations have Class B or Class C networks.
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