Part I SUSE Linux Basics in .NET

Render USS Code 128 in .NET Part I SUSE Linux Basics
Part I SUSE Linux Basics
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Adding a new user
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Just as Windows provides the infrastructure to authenticate users via a central database, the Unix world can use the Network Information System (NIS) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to store user account details. Most home users need to configure only a standalone machine and should select that option (see Figure 1-27).
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CrossReference See 24 for more information on the configuration of LDAP.
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Figure 1-27: User configuration Click Next to create a new local user, and the Add a New Local User screen appears (see Figure 1-28). Most of the information needed for creating a new user is self-explanatory.
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Tip One nice feature of the SUSE user creation process is that you can set yourself as the user that receives any mail destined for root by selecting the Receive System Mail option. Whether you set this up or not, it is always a good idea to read the root user mail (if you are the owner of the root user account!) to see any automated mails that the system sends as well as mails from the mail subsystem. This includes bounced emails, system errors, and package updates that have been installed.
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1 Installing SUSE 9.1
Figure 1-28: Creating a local user Taking another page from Mac OS X and Windows XP, SUSE enables you to set up an account to automatically log into the system for you when the machine boots up. For home users, this provides a simpler way to use their system, but it is impractical and insecure in business environments. For example, if you are the user who is automatically logged in on boot up, someone else can gain access to your files simply by turning the machine on. When you have finished adding your user information, click Next to continue, and SuSEconfig will run.
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The SUSE system configuration is controlled by SUSE-specific control files that the system application SuSEconfig uses to write application-specific configuration files. This allows the user to configure services and server processes without having to understand applicationspecific configuration files. When all packages have been installed, SuSEconfig picks up the default configuration files installed by SUSE and writes out specific application configurations. SuSEconfig is a core element of the SUSE system and allows YaST to maintain configuration files for services it can control. Any time you make changes to a service via YaST, SuSEconfig will be called to commit those changes.
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Part I SUSE Linux Basics
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Reviewing the release notes
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When SuSEconfig has finished its initial installation, you will be shown the SUSE release notes (see Figure 1-29). These notes contain general information about changes from previous versions of SUSE Linux, as well as a technical overview of the previous version. This file also provides errata from the SUSE manual and is worth a read to get a general idea as to what has happened since the last release. Ninety percent of users at this point have not touched the included manuals with SUSE, except perhaps to move them out of the way when locating the installation media, so this at least gives you an introduction to the features and functionality of the product.
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Figure 1-29: The release notes
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Configuring your hardware
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When you have read the release notes, click Next and you will be asked to configure your hardware (see Figure 1-30). The YaST installer and the YaST system configuration manager will run the same modules to configure hardware. For now you will configure the video card so that you can use X/KDE/GNOME.
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Configuring your monitor
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Select Change Graphics Cards, and the Sax2 tool will be loaded to configure all aspects of X Windows, including monitor, graphics card, mouse, and keyboard. The Sax2 tool is a utility written by SUSE to simplify configuring the X Window system, which is otherwise a complex task. Sax2 makes it easy to configure the X Window system and related hardware such as your mouse and graphics card.
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