Selecting software for installation in .NET

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Selecting software for installation
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The software that is automatically selected as part of a default SUSE installation provides you with nearly every type of software required for day-to-day work. This section offers additional details about the other types of installations provided by the SUSE installer to provide a full and thorough SUSE learning experience. To customize the software that is included as part of your SUSE installation, you must click the Software heading in YaST s Installation Settings panel, or click Change and select Software from the popup menu. Doing either of these displays the pane shown in Figure 1-13.
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Part I SUSE Linux Basics
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Figure 1-13: Defining the software installation The predefined choices available to users are as follows: Minimum system The bare minimum usable SUSE system with no graphical user interface. This is something that we use a lot during server installation to dramatically lower the amount of software to install and to be extremely granular in the selection of software packages. Minimum graphical system (without KDE) This will install a more usable system but without the optimized KDE (K Desktop Environment). We deal with KDE and desktop environments in 8 of this book, but for now, just know that the option is available. Some application software configuration tools (such as those used by Oracle) require the X Window system but do not require all of the bells and whistles provided by desktop environments such as KDE. Default system This is the standard SUSE system, which includes KDE, OpenOffice, web browsers, a music player, and so on. This is what we will use to base our customized installation on and is what most users will be happy installing. Selecting the Detailed selection button displays the YaST package manager (see Figure 1-14). This is a powerful installation tool that other distributions lack and saves a lot of time by calculating package dependencies automatically, providing a search function for not only package names, but also package descriptions.
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1 Installing SUSE 9.1
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Figure 1-14: Using the YaST package manager The left panel of the package selection screen gives a broad overview of packages and disk space used, and also indicates how much space will be required when installing all selected packages. The Filter drop-down box provides a powerful way to limit what packages you can select. As we stated in the Introduction, we ourselves differ on our views of a few Linux idiosyncrasies, including text editors (Roger and Bill: emacs; Justin: vim), desktop environments (Justin: GNOME; Roger: KDE; Bill: a window manager), and also Linux on the desktop in general. SUSE is aware of differing views throughout the whole Linux community, and therefore using package selections allows users to specify things such as which desktop environment and editor they want to install why waste disk space if you re not going to use something. The same is true for games, multimedia, and specific server software. The amount of disk space required to install your system can be reduced or enhanced by selecting specific packages. We will keep the default package selection as chosen by SUSE and add a new package that is not installed by default. Selecting Search from the drop-down box allows you to enter search criteria for a package and returns all results based on the Search in criteria selected. Figure 1-15 shows a search for the Blackbox window manager. As you can see, YaST returned not only the package Blackbox but also other packages that contain the word blackbox in their summary definitions, which can be seen in the Description window.
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Part I SUSE Linux Basics
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Figure 1-15: Searching for individual packages When a package is selected, your disk usage will be increased to reflect the size of the install domain. Select Accept to add those packages you select to the install list and take you back to the package installation summary screen.
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