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29 SUSE Linux OpenExchange Server
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Configuring the Postfix Subsystem
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The default SLOX installation provides you with a working mail server infrastructure for your organization, but if you want to tweak your settings, this can all be done through the web interface. Postfix allows your users to authenticate to the mail server when they are not on the trusted network. (See 17 for information on trusting users.) This means that if some of your users are on a dial-up connection, they can send mail through the mail server for people who are not in your domain. To do this, select the Mail Server section and click the Postfix subsection. You will see a screen like that displayed in Figure 29-20.
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Figure 29-20: Editing the Postfix server configuration
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Enabling SMTP-AUTH
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To enable SMTP authentication, change the drop-down box for authentication via SMTPAUTH to On and click the Confirm button. You users will now be able to configure their mail client to send authentication information to the SMTP server before they attempt to send any mail.
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Part V SUSE Linux in the Enterprise
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The mail server will not ask the client for authentication details for the user. It is up to the client to tell the mail server it wants to authenticate itself before sending mail. With this in mind, a mail client must support the SMTP-AUTH standard to be able to authenticate to an SMTP server.
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Enabling spam prevention
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As with most things in the world, there are people who want to spoil email for the rest of us. Spammers are out there, sending useless mail by the thousands, and most people s mailboxes are full of this spam. SLOX includes the excellent SpamAssassin prevention mechanism to check each email that is received by the mail server based on things such as keywords, the format of the mail (HTML as opposed to plain text), inclusion of images, and so on. If the mail is deemed spam, it is sent to the user s spam folder so the user can see it and decide whether to keep it or not. (This helps to stop any false positives losing user s mail.) To enable spam prevention, change the SPAM Filter drop-down box to On and click Confirm to save the changes.
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Managing the Cyrus Subsystem
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To set Cyrus-specific configuration options, select the Mail Server section and the IMAP Configuration subsection (see Figure 29-21).
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Figure 29-21: Configuring Cyrus
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29 SUSE Linux OpenExchange Server
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When we created the user justin, we had the quota set to a default. If you want to allow subsequent users to have a higher (or lower) disk quota, you can set it (in kilobytes) on this screen. Click Commit to save your changes.
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Tip It is always a good idea to make sure users are aware they are over their quota limit, but still allow their mail to be delivered; otherwise, they may lose important correspondence. If you want to allow this functionality, set Mail will be rejected immediately when quota limit is exceeded to No.
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Managing Groups and Folders
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If you want to organize your users into groups or wish to create shared mail folders for certain users, you can do this through the web interface.
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Creating a group of users
Select the Groups/Folders section, and then the Create Groups subsection (see Figure 29-22).
Figure 29-22: Creating a new group Again, you will be presented with the now familiar filter for all of your users. To create a group, enter the group name and a description for the group. Using the filter, select the users you wish to be contained in the group and click the Confirm button. You can add users to the group during their creation, or select the Edit Groups subsection.
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Creating a shared folder
A shared folder is a part of IMAP that proves very useful. Instead of setting a mail alias for multiple users, you can deliver mail directly to a folder that those users can access. This cuts down the amount of mail that is sent through the system and also saves space in the user s quota. To create a new shared folder, follow these steps: 1. Select the Create Shared Folder subsection (see Figure 29-23).
Figure 29-23: Creating a shared folder 2. You will be asked to enter the name of the folder as well as a description. If you wish to allow mail to be sent directly to the folder (via foldername@domain.tld), make sure the Folder E-mail Address is set to Yes. When you are happy with the configuration, click Confirm.