Figure 23-6: Enabling firewall features in .NET

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Figure 23-6: Enabling firewall features
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Part IV Implementing Network Services in SUSE Linux
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5. It is always a good idea to log any malicious packets that hit the firewall, and you can choose how verbose you want to be. In Figure 23-7, you can see that we ve chosen to see all traffic that we have not explicitly allowed onto our network.
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Figure 23-7: Enabling logging 6. When you are happy with the configuration, click Next to save and continue to commit your firewall (see Figure 23-8).
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Figure 23-8: Saving your configuration Once saved, your firewall configuration will be implemented. If you notice any strange behavior on your network after this, check the logs on your firewall for dropped packets.
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23 Implementing Firewalls in SUSE Linux
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What Next
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Firewalls are the first step in protecting your network. They are sometimes all that stand between you and crackers. Many organizations incorporate a multitier, multivendor firewall solution to provide as much security as possible. Keep two things in mind: The first and most important rule of firewall building is to design it first! Sit down with the relevant departments in your organization to see what is needed and then come up with a conceptual diagram that describes what you need to do before typing a single rule. And remember, deny all, and then enable specific services that are needed. Better that than leave a massive backdoor in your firewall.
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iptables is a huge topic, and we ve given you the best bits to help you move forward. However, the best way to learn is to set up a small network and test out some rules to see how it works. For more information, the iptables man page is excellently written, and the iptables team has some great documentation on the iptables web site at www
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Working with LDAP in SUSE
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In This
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ack in the day, the only way to centrally manage your users and services was to use NIS (Network Information System). NIS was an endeavor by Sun to help Unix administrators manage their users without having to locally create user accounts on all machines. NIS is capable of maintaining user account information, user groups, services, hosts, and many more pieces of information that, historically, needed to be managed on a local level. NIS was great for what it did at the time, but it had a few shortcomings; one problem, in particular, was that it wasn t great at dealing with very large amounts of data. We don t mean the physical size of the data, but the management of that data. NIS uses flat files as input to the NIS database, which does not bode well in large infrastructures. One other major drawback of NIS was that it could not store any other information apart from account and systems data. One way around this management problem is to use a tree to organize data in a manageable fashion. This is where LDAP comes to the rescue. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) organizes data in a hierarchical structure, allowing you to organize information based on departments, or any other distinguishing method. When introducing people to LDAP, we have always found that it is not an easy concept to explain because it is not easily compared to any existing technology. In this chapter, we give you an overview of what LDAP is, its uses, how to populate an LDAP server with information, and also a scenario that is common to the use of LDAP, including configuration.
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What is LDAP Implementing OpenLDAP Integrating Linux with LDAP
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What Is LDAP
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LDAP is not a specific server. Much in the same way that Domain Name System (DNS) and Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) are conceptual protocols, LDAP describes organization of data, access to the data, and the protocol used to talk to an LDAP server. The Linux LDAP implementation is the extremely popular OpenLDAP server. It has been around for a very long time and uses the LDAP specification as a base to implement new features. Webform ean-13 supplement 5 creator on .net
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