Part IV Implementing Network Services in SUSE Linux in .NET

Create code 128 barcode in .NET Part IV Implementing Network Services in SUSE Linux
Part IV Implementing Network Services in SUSE Linux
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Notice that the FTP server assumes a default username the same as that on the client. At this point, if you accept the default and press Return, or enter another username known to the system bible, you will see this:
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530 This FTP server is anonymous only. ftp: Login failed. ftp>
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But if you log in with either of the usernames ftp or anonymous, you can offer any password (traditionally this should be a valid email address, but the server will accept anything, including an empty password), and you are logged in.
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user@client: /home/user > ftp bible Connected to bible. 220 (vsFTPd 1.2.1) Name (bible:user):ftp 331 Please specify the password. Password: 230 Login successful. Remote system type is UNIX. Using binary mode to transfer files. ftp>
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If you now type ls to list files on the FTP server, you will (not surprisingly) find that there is nothing there:
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ftp> ls 229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||37477|) 150 Here comes the directory listing. 226 Directory send OK. ftp>
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The location on the server that acts as the FTP server s root for anonymous FTP is /srv/ftp/ (just as the Apache web server s root is normally /srv/www/). So whatever files and directories you place there will be visible to FTP clients. If you now copy a file to /srv/ftp/, you will be able to download it by FTP by using the FTP get command:
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ftp> get afile local: afile remote: afile 229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||19160|) 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for afile (4096 bytes). 226 File send OK. ftp>
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If you look at /var/log/messages on the server, you will see that vsftpd has logged the login:
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Jul 25 16:41:06 bible vsftpd: Sun Jul 25 16:41:06 2004 [pid 23139] CONNECT: Client Jul 25 16:41:13 bible vsftpd: Sun Jul 25 16:41:13 2004 [pid 23138] [ftp] OK LOGIN: Client , anon password password
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Each download is also logged.
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22 Running an FTP Server on SUSE
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Note that you can force vsftpd to write its logs to its own log file by making a small change to /etc/vsftpd.conf. Simply make sure that the following lines are present:
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log_ftp_protocol=YES xferlog_enable=YES vsftpd_log_file=/var/log/vsftpd.log
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and comment out or remove the line:
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You can create a customized FTP banner by including a line like this in the configuration file:
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ftpd_banner= Welcome to our very fine FTP service.
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When users log in using text mode FTP or a dedicated FTP client, they will see the message before the login prompt:
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220 Welcome to our very fine FTP service. Name (localhost:user):
This can be used to offer service messages, but is not useful for users connecting with a browser. It may be useful to include files README and/or README.html, which these users can click. You can also place a file named .message in /srv/ftp/ or any of its subdirectories. When the user changes to a directory with such a file in it, the file s contents will be displayed.
ftp> cd pub 250-This directory contains useful files 250 Directory successfully changed. ftp>
The file /srv/ftp/pub/.message contained just the line:
This directory contains useful files vsftpd allows passive FTP connections unless you set pasv_enable=NO
in the configuration file. You almost certainly want to allow passive connections, as otherwise many clients connecting from behind a firewall will be unable to connect.
Note Active FTP operates on both server port 20 (for data transfers) and port 21 (for control commands) and involves a reply connection from the server to the client, which may be blocked by a firewall behind which the client is sitting. Passive FTP involves only server port 21 and is unlikely to cause problems with a standard firewall configuration that allows established connections. For more on firewall configuration, see 23.
Note that all options in the configuration file are specified in the form:
and that there should be no white space before or after the = sign. For a standard anonymous Internet FTP download server, you have done all you need to do.