Working with the System in .NET

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14 Working with the System
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Figure 14-10: Webmin s Servers screen
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Figure 14-11: Webmin s DHCP server screen
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Part III Using the Command Line in SUSE Linux
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Figure 14-12: YaST s DHCP server screen
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Automating Tasks
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A useful maxim states that if you have to do something manually more than three times, it s time to find a way to do it automatically. If the thing that you need to do manually is a complicated shell command, then maybe what you need is either an alias or a shell script to automate its effect.
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Shell aliases
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If you have long compound commands that you regularly type, a bash alias is a nice way of reducing the amount of typing and thinking you have to do. You can create aliases at the command line (for the current session only) or permanently in the file ~/.alias. For example, if you want to be able to use the single letter command b as an alias for the command ssh, you can type:
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user@bible:~> alias b= ssh
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From now on in the current session if you type b, it will do the ssh command. To make that permanent, simply add the following:
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alias b= ssh
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14 Working with the System
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to your .alias file. Then from the next time that you log in, the alias will be available. If you want to test it now, you will need to type bash to start a new bash shell. To find out what aliases are defined, simply type the command alias. There is no limit to the ingenuity you can apply to creating useful aliases: A long command combined from smaller commands connected together with pipes might be a good candidate for an alias. Once you have constructed the command to do what you want, you can call it with a single small command. For example, to search the web server logs for a particular keyword, you might do this:
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root@bible: /tmp # grep keyword /var/log/apache2/access_log
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To create an alias for it, do the following:
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root@bible: /tmp # alias k = grep keyword /var/log/apache2/access_log
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Now you can simply type k to search the logs for keyword. Of course, before defining an alias, you should ensure that the alias you are about to define does not already exist as a command in the system.
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Writing shell scripts
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Although in principle a shell command that you define an alias for could be quite long and complex, in practice there can be problems, particularly if the command itself contains quotation marks. But essentially you can create an alias only for a single command. So if you want to execute a more complex command and particularly if you want to be able to execute multiple commands, you are moving into the area of shell scripts. A shell script is a program written to be interpreted by the shell. Essentially it is just a list of shell commands to be executed one after the other, but it can contain conditionals and other programming constructs, giving it the power of a real program. Here we consider scripts to be run by the bash shell ( bash scripts ). Shell scripts offer a simple means of automating tasks, provided those tasks are not too complex. If the length and complexity of a shell script goes beyond certain limits, then it might be that a shell script is not the best way to perform the task at hand.
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Note In the next sections, we offer some examples of simple shell scripts, the aim being to show their basic logic and act as a getting started guide. Like so much else in this book, shell scripting is a subject on which whole books have been written. Here we give a few examples of the basic concepts to get you started and experimenting.
Shell variables
As a shell script is essentially just a string of shell commands, it understands the current environment variables. For example:
#! /bin/bash echo Hello $USER echo Your current directory is $PWD
Here $USER and $PWD are the environment variables that are already accessible to the shell representing the current user and the working directory, respectively.