TeX and LaTeX files in .NET

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TeX and LaTeX files
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Among open source documentation, you will sometimes come across .tex files, which are usually LaTeX files. TeX is a markup-based typesetting system developed by Donald Knuth, and LaTeX is a widely used set of macros for TeX. If you need to create printable output from a LaTeX file that is not present, the command latex file.tex creates a .dvi file (see the previous section). This can be converted to PostScript with dvips file.dvi. LaTeX is a wonderful way of making very attractive printed output and particularly for typesetting mathematics, but there is a learning curve.
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13 Working with Files
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HTML is a file format that needs no introduction. For editing HTML on Linux, the tool of choice is (in our view) emacs with one of its HTML modes. Another editor with very nice HTML editing capabilities is fte (the folding text editor ), which makes it easy for you to fold up the content of tags so that you can see the large scale structure of the code. There are also the quanta and bluefish HTML editors and the Mozilla composer, as well as HTML export in OpenOffice.org. The tool tidy checks HTML for validity based on its DOCTYPE declaration. If you need to extract just the text from web pages or local HTML files, one way to consider is using the lynx browser with the -dump option:
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user@bible:~> lynx -dump http://lwn.net/ > lwn.txt
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Graphics formats
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The graphics viewers and editors in SUSE can cope with a very large number of different graphics file formats. Pretty much any graphics file that you come across can be handled by GIMP (which should be your first choice if you need to edit a graphics file). An occasionally useful feature of GIMP is that it can convert a PostScript file to a graphics format, and more generally it can convert between the whole range of formats that it understands.
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Sound and multimedia formats
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As far as sound is concerned, you can play .mp3, .ogg, and .wav files with a number of different applications, notably xmms, and MIDI files are catered to by more than one application. The situation with movie files is not so simple. The applications kaffeine, noatun, and xine are all capable of playing movies. The kaffeine application is a KDE front end for xine. The problem is that most movie formats require codecs (compressor-decompressors) that are encumbered by patents that prevent SUSE from distributing them. It is possible to obtain these codecs and add them to xine. The RealPlayer application is included in SUSE Professional. This plays .rm and .ram files, which are common formats for sound and video clips on Internet news sites. There are also third-party packages built for SUSE of the very capable mplayer multimedia application, which is capable of playing .avi, .wmv, .mov (QuickTime), MPEG, and other formats. With the addition of plug-ins for the various codecs, the mplayer package can cope with most formats. It can also use Windows dynamic link libraries (DLLs) for additional codecs. There are always SUSE packages for mplayer and the associated codecs at http://packman.links2linux.org/ (a useful source of many additional packages for SUSE). In practice, using the mplayer package from here together with the add-on codecs is probably the best way to get support for the widest variety of video formats on SUSE Linux. The home of the mplayer project is at www.mplayerhq.hu/. There is a useful discussion of multimedia on SUSE in general here at www.suse.de/en/private/products/suse_linux/ prof/multimedia.html.
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Part III Using the Command Line in SUSE Linux
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CSV files
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CSV (comma-separated values) is a common format for interchanging data, particularly as an export format from various commercial applications running on Windows. A CSV file consists of a set of lines of text. Each line is broken into fields by a field separator, which is usually the comma, and each field is usually surrounded by quotes.
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