Moving around in .NET

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Moving around
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If you are using emacs in a graphical session, the mouse works both for selecting text and for moving around the file. But you can also navigate with the keyboard using the following keystrokes: C-f Move to next character. C-b Move to previous character. M-f Move to next word. M-b Move to previous word. C-a Move to beginning of line. C-e Move to end of line. M-a Move to beginning of sentence. M-e Move to end of sentence. C-Home Move to top of buffer. C-End Move to bottom of buffer. M-x goto-line Move to a line number that you specify. It is assumed that sentences are separated by a dot and two spaces.
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Part III Using the Command Line in SUSE Linux
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C-_ or C-x u will undo your last command or typing; emacs remembers everything you do, so
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you can do a sequence of undo commands.
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Replacing text
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M-x replace-string will globally replace one string with another in the whole buffer or in the selection. You can also do a conditional replacement of text with M-% or M-x queryreplace. This prompts you as to whether you want to make each change.
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C-s starts an incremental search. What this means is that if you type C-s Li, for example, you
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see the next instance of Li highlighted in the text. If you type another letter (for example n), you will now be searching for Lin. If you press C-s again, you will move to the next instance of this new search string. You can also do a non-incremental search by typing C-s followed by Return. Whatever you now enter will be the search string and emacs will jump to the next occurrence of it. Regular expression searches are also possible. The command M-C-s starts a regular expression search. If you then type a regular expression, emacs searches for the next matching text in the buffer. (See also 10 for more on regular expressions.)
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Making corrections
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M-c capitalizes the next word, and M-u makes the next word all caps. M-l does lowercase. M-t switches the order of two words. M-x ispell-buffer checks the spelling of the entire buffer. You can check the spelling of a single word with M-x ispell-word.
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Using word completion
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One of the very useful features of emacs is the way that it knows what you are going to type. (Well, not quite literally, but good enough.) If you are working on a file and you start a word and then type M-/, emacs tries to complete the word for you, based on previous words in the file. If it chooses the wrong one, simply type M-/ again until you get the one you want and then continue typing. This is an extremely powerful feature, not just because it can save you a lot of typing, but more importantly, if you are writing code, you can use it to ensure that you don t make mistakes when typing variable names that you have already created.
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Using command completion and history
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If you start to type an emacs command with M-x and a couple of characters, emacs will show you all the available completions. So, for example, if you type M-x fin and then press the Tab key, you will see all the emacs commands that start with fin. There are a lot of them! If you type M-x and then an up arrow, emacs offers you the last command you gave it. Another up arrow will take you to the one before, and so on.
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11 Text Editors
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emacs modes
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This is where emacs really comes into its own. If you are editing HTML, emacs has a mode for HTML. If you are editing Perl code, emacs has a mode for Perl. In the same way, there are modes for all major programming languages, for shell scripts, for Makefiles, for almost anything you can think of. And these modes are highly intelligent. For instance, in the example shown in Figure 11-10, we are editing Python code. The emacs editor understands the Python syntax and colorizes the code based on its knowledge of the key words in Python. It also automatically indents the code as you type (in Python, the structure of the program is shown by the indentation; emacs helps you get the indentation right). It also helps you get the syntax right by refusing to indent a line correctly following a syntax error.
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Figure 11-10: emacs editing python code In most modes, emacs has special commands to do things that make sense in that context. For example, in XML mode, C-c / closes the currently open tag (so it will look back in the file for the last open tag, and type for you the correct closing tag). In almost all cases, emacs loads the correct mode for the file that you are editing when it opens it. If it doesn t do so, you can select a mode with a command like M-x xml-mode.