Part II The SUSE System in .NET

Get Code 128 Code Set C in .NET Part II The SUSE System
Part II The SUSE System
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The K Desktop Environment (KDE) is traditionally the default graphical environment on SUSE. Currently at version 3.2, it provides a very complete desktop environment with many nice features. It offers among other things: A start button with cascading graphical menus Icons A panel bar Multiple desktops Themes A clipboard Drag and drop Copy and paste between applications Additionally, SUSE has integrated YaST into the KDE menus and contributed toward the partial integration of OpenOffice. Figure 8-4 shows a default KDE desktop.
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Figure 8-4: A new user s default KDE desktop
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8 The X Window System
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The functionality of an integrated desktop environment comes at a price in terms of resources; a considerable amount of infrastructure has to be started before you actually do anything in KDE. For machines with a limited amount of memory, a more minimal X Window system environment such as a window manager (discussed later in this chapter) may therefore be a better choice.
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It is not our intention to document all the features of KDE here. That would be superfluous (because most of the functionality of KDE is indeed as intuitive as it is intended to be) and would also take up far too much space. However, we discuss some particularly useful features that may not be apparent at first glance.
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Konqueror is a universal browser. It is both a web browser and a file manager, and much more. Konqueror is probably the most important achievement of the KDE team, and as a web browser it is very pleasant to use. Konqueror s HTML rendering engine has been incorporated by Apple into the Safari browser on Mac OS. As a browser, Konqueror includes nice features such as tabbed browsing (where you can open various web sites within a single browser, each of which is created as a separately selectable entity known as a tab) and split windows. You can drop a URL onto the main window with a middle-click to go straight to a URL that you have copied. Another nice feature is the Clear location bar button just to the left of the location bar. This button clears whatever URL is already entered allowing you to easily enter a new one, something that other browsers might do well to copy.
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Power browsing with split windows
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A very nice feature of Konqueror is that you can split the window into two panes and view every result of clicking a link in the left pane in the right one. To achieve this, do the following: 1. Click Window and then choose Split View Left/Right. 2. Link the two panes by clicking the small box you see at the bottom right of each. A chain icon should appear in both panes. 3. Right-click that chain icon in the left pane and choose Lock to current location. Now, whatever link you click in the left pane will be opened and displayed in the right pane.
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Web shortcuts
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Konqueror includes several built-in shortcuts for accessing particular search engines and other sites. You can define these in the Konqueror Settings dialog under Configure Konqueror Web Shortcuts. So for example, you can directly get a Google query for the word SUSE by typing gg:SUSE in the location bar. You can search CPAN for Perl modules containing the word text with cpan:text and so on. (Using gg for Google can certainly become a habit that leads to irritation when for some reason you happen to be using another browser that doesn t support these web shortcuts.)
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Part II The SUSE System
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Browser identification
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Just occasionally, you may need to set Konqueror to identify itself as another browser to particular sites that absurdly test the browser identification and lock you out if they don t like what they see. You can set this on a per-site basis in Settings Configure Konqueror Browser Identification.
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