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histogram A graph that visually displays the range of image tones from black to white, as well as how much information is contained within various parts of the exposure range. Histograms look like mountain ranges and are essential in evaluating exposure, particularly in determining if the image contains elements that are under- and/or overexposed. hot shoe The mount on top of the camera where on-camera ashes are attached. The hot shoe contains electronic contacts that allow communication between the camera and ash. IS (Image Stabilization) Technology that reduces camera vibration and thus assists images in not losing sharpness when recorded at low shutter speeds, particularly handheld, at least images without their own inherent motion. Canon uses IS within designated lenses; other systems have IS built into the camera. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) Used to refer to a le format that compresses the image data, resulting in images with smaller le sizes. The format is lossy (information can be lost) and you can often choose the level of compression from 10 to 12, which results in the least compression and the highest quality, to low numbers that create smaller-sized les at the expense of loss of detail and unintended image artifacts. See also lossy. Kelvin (K) The scale that s used to describe how warm or cool a light source is. For example, tungsten light is nominally 3200 K K; daylight with sun is nominally 5600 K. kilobyte One thousand bytes of information. light meter An instrument that measures the exposure level, built into most modern cameras. They are also available as separate devices that can read general re ected light, very narrow angle-re ected light (spot meters), ash exposure, and color temperature. lithium ion (Li-ion) A rechargeable battery technology that improves upon earlier Ni-Cad (nickel cadmium) rechargeable batteries. lossless A type of image compression where all data is retained. Thus the le size is smaller than a RAW image, but there is no loss of quality or detail in the image. lossy A type of image compression where data can be lost and thus the image quality is a ected. JPEGs captured at low quality settings can display artifacts, lose subtle color transitions, and in other ways nd their image quality adversely a ected. Manual Exposure The camera setting where the user sets both the aperture and shutter speed, and the camera has no part in determining exposure. megabyte One million bits of data. megapixel One million pixels. microdrive A removable drive or micro hard disk that ts into the compact ash slot on a camera. Due to the moving mechanical parts, many users consider this less reliable than CF cards.
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noise In digital imagery, this refers to unwanted visible artifacts that become increasingly yapparent at higher ISOs as well greater underexposure. There are two types of noise: luminance noise, which adds monochromatic noise to the image, and chrominance noise, which adds color artifacts to the image. pincushion distortion A lens aberration that causes straight lines to bow inward to the center of the image. pixel Short for pixel element, this is the smallest piece of data in a digital image. plug-in Third-party software that interfaces with existing and normally more complex software. Program mode The most automated exposure mode; the camera chooses both shutter speed and f-stop based on various computed criteria. RAM (Random Access Memory) A computer s processing memory capacity. RAW The image le choice that has the minimum amount of processing applied incamera. Images are lossless, and a greater range of color temperatures can be applied during RAW conversion. RAW + JPEG One of the le-format recording setups on the 1Ds Mark III, this allows RAW data to be captured to one of two inserted cards, while JPEG data is recorded onto the second card. RAW +JPEG can also be recorded together onto the same card.
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Rear curtain sync Applies to camera ashes such as Speedlites. This setting res the ash at the very end of available light exposure, rather than the default position where the ash is red at the start of ambient exposure capture. resolution How much data is available for an image. Resolution can be expressed as a megapixel value, pixel dimensions, dots per inch on a printer, and so on. RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) mode One of the primary color models in digital photography. Ring ash A ash unit with a circular ash tube designed to t around the lens, although it can be used o -lens as well. It can also be modi ed with various accessories. shutter The mechanism in a camera that controls the amount of time light is allowed to strike the sensor. On the 1Ds Mark III, this range goes from B (bulb) exposure to 1/8000 second. shutter Priority mode This is the exposure mode where the photographer determines the shutter speed and the camera determines the aperture value. Slow sync Also known as dragging the shutter. A relatively slow shutter speed is used along with ash exposure, allowing ambient light to expose more of the background. sRAW A proprietary Canon format, this functions as a RAW image with minimum in-camera processing; however, it is onequarter the resolution and one-half the le size. Thus, a 1Ds Mark III sRAW le is approximately 5 megapixels.
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