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1.2 Main Control dial symbol
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A (Aperture Priority). You set the
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aperture while the camera sets the shutter.
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The settings described in the following sections are the combinations of buttons and a particular control dial typically used; 1.3 Quick Control dial however, you can symbol choose which dials to use for particular functions within the Custom Functions menu page. This overview is your principle introduction to the controls of the 1Ds Mark III.
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These control operations are designed very well it s harder to describe them than to actually use them. Once you learn how the control system works and where the controls are located, for the most part, settings can be made quickly and easily and without a lot of thinking, meaning the system gets out of the way of shooting.
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M (Manual). You set both shutter
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and aperture values.
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Tv, or time value (Shutter
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Priority). You set the shutter while the camera sets the aperture.
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Bulb. You set the aperture, and the
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shutter remains opened with sensor exposed as long as the Shutter button is pressed or locked in place with a cable release. You should use a cable release with the Bulb mode setting. Seconds and minutes can be read from the top LCD. Be sure to shut the rear eyepiece in these scenarios, as well as raise the mirror before beginning.
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See 2 for details on how access and to control mirror lockup.
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Program. (P) The camera automatically sets aperture and shutter speed, and also adjusts when an EOS Speedlite is attached to the camera, all according to internal programming.
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Top of the camera
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The controls on top of the 1Ds Mark III are arranged in familiar order for those who have experience with either the 1D or 1Ds series. What follow are details on how the controls work in conjunction with either the Main Control dial or Quick Control dial.
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AF-Drive button
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The AF-Drive button, located just below the Mode button, allows you to control various ways that autofocus can be set to work, as well as how the motor drive works. You press the AF-Drive button while turning either the Main Control or Quick Control dial.
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Mode button
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Located at the top-left corner of the camera, the Mode button allows you to choose which
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1 Navigating the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
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FE Lock/Multi-Spot metering button Mode button Exposure Compensation/Aperture button Main Control dial ISO button
Metering Mode/ Flash Exposure Compensation button AF-Drive button
1.4 Top view of the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
With the Main Control dial. This
controls focus, allowing you to choose between One-shot and AI focus mode. One-shot focus mode chooses and locks the focus once the Shutter button is pressed halfway. AI focus mode continuously checks the focus of the chosen focus point (or the automatically chosen focus point) and adjusts continuously as the camera-tosubject distance changes.
With the Quick Control dial. This
controls the motor drive, allowing you to choose between Silent mode, single exposure, slow continuous motor drive, and fast continuous motor drive.
Silent mode is a particularly useful mode in quiet or sensitive locations, and one that many photographers forget about. It is useful inside places of worship, with sensitive subjects, at high-pressure focused board meetings, and so on.
8 Part I Exploring the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Using the AF-Drive and Mode button together
By pressing the AF-Drive button and the Mode button and holding (or pressing and then releasing these two buttons but beginning within six seconds), you can turn either the Main Control dial or Quick Control dial to set auto-exposure bracketing, which is initially set for three images. You can bracket from plus or minus 1/3 stop to plus or minus 3 stops. The exposures are initially taken in this sequence: prime exposure, under-exposed, over-exposed.
You can control the number of exposures and the exposure sequence with Menu Page 6, Custom Function 1, Items 5 and 6.
exposure compensation, if desired, from 3 to +3 stops. However, I much prefer to set the Quick Control dial to perform the same function (Custom Function IV, Item 3, Choice 0).
ISO button
Located on the top-right corner of the camera above the Shutter button, the ISO button allows you to set the ISO by turning either the Main Control or Quick Control dial. You can set ISO between 100 and 3200.
Main Control dial
Located on the top right corner between the Shutter button and the ISO button, when used by itself, the Main Control dial controls whatever mode you ve set with the Mode button. For example, if you set the camera to A (Aperture Priority), the dial controls the aperture. If you set it to Tv (Shutter Priority), the dial controls the shutter speed. As noted, the Main Control dial is used in conjunction with buttons that you press to obtain the settings you want.