Tethered Shooting in .NET

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4 Tethered Shooting
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Improving USB Capture Rate with Macintosh Systems
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There are two methods that I m aware of for improving capture speed while using Macs with USB tethering, as the EOS-1Ds Mark III requires. But rst, you should consider your computer.
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Sending only small JPEGs to the computer
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Here s one way to shoot tethered and get very quick previews on the computer monitor using the EOS-1Ds Mark III tethered to EOS Utility and DPP on a recent-generation Apple computer. The EOS-1Ds Mark III allows you to record to both CF and SD cards at the same time. One option is to have both cards record all incoming images simultaneously, with each card set to whatever le size is desired. In this case, you ll save to RAW on the CF card (card slot 1) and Small JPEG on the SD card (card slot 2). You ll set up the camera to send only the small JPEGs to the computer while recording the RAWs in the camera. This way, capture speed is much faster due to the smaller le size being transferred, and RAW les can be downloaded later. Follow these steps:
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Computer hardware and capture speed
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Obviously, the faster the computer processing speed, the shorter the time from shutter release to image capture and preview. Capture speed is a ected by several hardware issues:
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CPU. The CPU (central processing
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unit) speed and the number of CPUs are major contributors to speed. The Mac Intel machines of the past few years are fast, and each new generation tends to be faster than the last. My machine contains a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU set.
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1. Press the Function button until
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the card number and le size icons appear at the bottom-left of the rear LCD.
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2. Use the Main Control dial to
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select each card slot (1 or 2) and the Quick Control dial to select the le size for that card. Choose RAW for slot 1 and JPEG Small for slot 2.
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Memory. Purchase as much memory as you can a ord and your particular machine can accept.
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3. Press the Menu button and use
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the Main Control dial to navigate to Setup Menu 1.
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Hard drive speed. The speed of
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the hard drive a ects how quickly it can write the processed image to disk. Current hard drive speeds range from 5200 rpm to 7400 rpm.
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4. Use the Quick Control dial and
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the Set button to choose Rec. separately.
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76 Part II System Components
5. Use the Quick Control dial to
move one item below the Record function to the Playback selection. This selection normally controls which card is played back on the rear view LCD screen. However, it also determines which image is sent through the tethering cable to the computer.
Using Lightroom 2.0 for quick RAW tethering
You can capture with EOS Utility in Windows and send the images to Adobe Lightroom 2, either on the Windows side or the Mac side. Steve Niedorf, one very smart pro, has gured out all the quirks and graciously allowed me to include this information in this book:
6. Choose card 2. In this case, card 1
is recording RAWs within the camera, while card 2 is recording to camera as well as sending the images it s capturing to the tethered cable and the computer.
And this is a good one. In EOS Utility, click the bottom-left button in the camera control window labeled Preferences, and then choose Remote Shooting. Once you do so, click to activate the Save also on camera s memory card option. If you don t do this, you ll end up only with small JPEGs saved, as RAWs have been recording neither to the CF card nor to the computer!
1. Start up the computer in
Windows and install EOS Utilities. Install the most recent version of EOS Utilities.
2. Install MacDrive 7. In the
MacDrive settings under Dualformat set drop-down menu select Show window les. (Otherwise, you will not be able to install Windows programs o discs.)
3. Install Lightroom in Windows if
you don t have it installed already.
7. Also in Setup Menu 1, you can set
captured image rotation, with independent choices for how images are viewed in the rear LCD on the camera, and how they come into the computer and are viewed on the monitor. I prefer the second selection (the monitor icon only), which allows me to see images not rotated on the rear view camera LCD (thus as big as possible); however, images will auto-rotate during tethered shooting to whatever capture and viewing program you re using.
4. Plug in the camera. Plug your
camera into the USB port and turn it on.
5. Go to EOS Utilities. EOS Utilities
may start on its own; if not, you need to start it.
6. Go to Preferences. Choose Preferences Basic Settings
Show Camera settings.
7. Select the Auto power off option. 8. Create a Destination folder. Go to
the Mac Desktop, and create a folder called watched.
9. Back on the Windows side, select
Remote Shooting from EOS Utilities Preferences window.
4 Tethered Shooting
10. Choose a lename. 11. Choose the image rotation.
Choose Remote shooting, and then click Rotate image.
21. Adjust the image the way you like it and then Choose Develop Set
Default Settings. All of the ensuing images will be corrected. You are now ready. When I shoot people, I use the quick preview program with EOS; this pops up the current image in about two seconds. When I have more time or when testing, I use Lightroom to preview.