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Aperture 2.2 (Mac only) also has tethered capabilities, but at this point, not for the EOS-1Ds Mark III. The EOS-1Ds Mark II and all 1D Mark II bodies are supported. I ve been campaigning with Apple to add the EOS-1Ds Mark III to the list, as Aperture 2 is a program I very much like to use. You can check available cameras that tether with Aperture at com/kb/HT1085.
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Capture One Pro has several work ow and other advantages that I appreciate, although you ll nd that most RAW capture tethering programs have advantages and disadvantages when compared to each other. Among other points, here s what I like about Capture One Pro 4.6:
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Sessions system. You set up a
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tethered shoot by creating a new session a master folder with subfolders pre-named for convenient organizing. Choose File New Session. A dialog box opens, o ering text elds where you can ll in the session name and place the folder location, as well as four prenamed subfolders that you can rename:
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Capture One Pro 4.6
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All in all, I d have to say that Capture One Pro, from the company Phase One, has the best and most mature tethering system, which works with Phase One camera backs as well as many brands of cameras, including Canon. For months, the EOS-1Ds Mark III could not tether to Capture One. No one really knows if this was a marketing move (to help sell Phase One camera backs) or plain lack of manpower at Phase One to get the job done. The good news is that Capture One 4.6 now works with the 1Ds III, 1Ds II, and all 1D II and 1D III systems, as well as the 5D, 40D, 50D, and 5D II. Thank you, Phase One.
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On a Mac, be sure to have Mac OS X 10.5.5 or later installed before using Capture One Pro 4.6. One bit of advice is to always have a second tethering program installed, learned, and tested. Whatever program you end up choosing, if there s a problem, it s sometimes easier to switch to another program than to try to gure out what s wrong with your current system. In the case of Capture One Pro for Canon cameras, there s also the ongoing reality of the time lag from when a new professional Canon body is released and when it s made available for use with Phase One products.
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Capture subfolder. Where captured images are directed.
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MoveTo subfolder. A folder for
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saving selections if you want- or for whatever purpose you choose. Drag images from the browser, or select an image and press +J. This is an alternative or enhancement to ranking images by number of stars or colored labels alone.
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Output subfolder. Where all
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processed images initially reside.
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Trash subfolder. When you
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delete images in the particular session you re working on they are moved to this folder. Images are not deleted permanently unless you instruct the program to do so. This allows a way to send images initially thought of as rejects to review later, if you want.
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4 Tethered Shooting
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Applying adjustments. You can
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apply pre-determined adjustments to incoming images, a fantastic option. For example, I ll take a test shot, tweak the color, add a touch of saturation, perhaps add a subtle curve, or apply a style. In the Camera Window of Capture One there s an area called Next Capture Adjustments. Among other choices if you choose Copy from Last, all of the settings made to the image you just worked on are applied to images as they come in and open on-screen. Thus, you, or you and the art director, can create a look you like and see it on every incoming capture.
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1. With the camera power off, connect the cable to the camera rst, and then to your computer.
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2. Turn the camera on. 3. Turn the capture software program on. I believe this is the best way to protect the camera, as well as have the software recognize the computer and establish a connection.
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