11: Architectural Photography 189 in .NET

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11: Architectural Photography 189
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Lenses Filters Post-Processing Work
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Appendix B: RAW Processor Choices 227
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Part IV: Appendixes
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Appendix A: Maintaining the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III 217
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Overview Canon Digital Photo Professional Capture One Pro Iridient Digital RAW Developer Adobe Lightroom 2.2 Adobe Camera Raw Aperture 2
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Appendix C: Speci cations 235
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Cleaning the Sensor The EOS Integrated Cleaning system Manual cleaning of the sensor Updating the Firmware Calibrating Lenses Sending Your Camera in for Repair
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Type Image Sensor
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Recording System White Balance View nder Autofocus Exposure Control Shutter Drive System External Speedlite Live View Function LCD Monitor Image Playback Image Protection and Erase Sound Recording Direct Printing Customization Interface Power Source Dimensions and Weight Operating Environment
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Camera Case Lighting Case Stand Case Power Cable and Sandbag Case Extras You May Need
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Glossary 247
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Index 253
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Appendix D: Traveling System Example 241
hether you re a professional photographer or advanced amateur who already owns the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III or rents one for assignments, this book is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible, as well as provide a thorough reference whether on location or in the studio. At this point in time there are many digital camera systems to choose from. In the professional market it s a major decision of which system to purchase in terms of your image needs, your budget, shooting style, and personal preferences. And with choices that range from $2500 to $50,000 and more, it s truly a major nancial decision and investment as well.
Because the EOS-1Ds Mark III possesses both medium format as well as what are traditionally considered 35mm abilities, it functions extremely well, for the most part, in whatever aspect of photography you re involved with. The medium format qualities include the ability to produce large les of tight detail and rich color. The 35mm abilities refer principally to the quick handling of the camera as well as its ability to photograph in very low light. The large le size of 21.1 e ective megapixels covers most advertising and editorial assignments, and is more than enough for wedding and event assignments. Allowing print sizes up to 16 20 inches at 300dpi before any type of upsampling is needed, the image les o er a great deal of information to work with. Image richness particularly at ISOs between 100 and 400 is very close if not equal to medium format back results, especially when printed. The camera o ers smooth highlight transitions as well as cleaner shadows, noise-wise, than earlier 1Ds models an impressive achievement. However, beyond the rich image quality in the ISO 100 to 400 ranges, the camera produces excellent and useable large- le imagery through ISO 1600 professional results over a wide ISO range. And a few photographers are creating strong work at ISO 3200 as well, although this certainly includes the need for noise reduction either in RAW image conversion or in post work. For technical photography, such as architectural work, the improved image quality combined with some of Canon s lenses, such as the 14mm 2.8L II, as well as Canon s tilt-shift lenses, o ers a viable alternative to view camera solutions for many assignments. Although view cameras still hold a strong edge in terms of detail, lens adjustments such as swings and tilts, and lens choices, the 1Ds Mark III can produce beautiful architectural work. Why do I photograph most of my assignments with the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III and why might you It s been my personal experience that many factors come into play in discovering which camera and system work best for you and the particular work you do operating speed, quality of lenses, quality of the view on the LCD screen for checking the lighting and feel of a shot, battery life, aspects of tethered shooting, etc. Do you shoot handheld mostly