Figure 10-23: Douglas Crockford has created a mini er script in Java

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Figure 10-23: Douglas Crockford has created a mini er script
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JSMin algoritm by Douglas Crockford | Packer method by Dean Edwards | JavaScript compression tool/service created by Vance Lucas
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You can submit your plug-in to a few sites to help ensure its success and distribution to the open source community. If you are releasing your plug-in as open source, I would highly suggest that you post it to these locations:
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The jQuery Plug-in section ( The jQuery official site offers a wiki where plug-in developers can submit their code. You can upload your code either through the browser or by using version-control software such as Subversion or Git. Here you can add a name and description, respond to bugs, receive ratings from the community, post links to your documentation, and so on. Project Hosting on Google code ( Google project hosting is very similar to the jQuery plug-in section, offering many of the same benefits. The biggest benefit is that it s Google and therefore gets a lot of traffic.
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In this chapter, I explain the difference between a mobile Web site and a mobile application, discuss the benefits of CSS3 and HTML5 on the mobile Web, and guide you through how to set up and install mobile browser emulators for Google Android and Apple Mobile. Last but not least, I give you a glimpse of what s to come with jQuery Mobile Alpha.
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YOU CAN USE JQUERY on mobile Web applications as you would any other Web site or application. Mobile phones are limited by their screen resolution and bandwidth, which are key factors you should keep in mind when creating mobile Web applications. Mobile Web applications can be either purely online Web applications accessed via a Web browser or on a mobile device, or they can be native Web applications.
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You can take a few different routes with mobile Web applications. The mobile Web application market seems to be quite concentrated around two platforms: Apple iPhone/iPad and Google Android. When you re creating a Web site or application compatible with multiple mobile browsers, you will find it much tougher than doing the same with desktop support for browsers. This is still very new territory for jQuery developers because many popular phones do not have great JavaScript support. Smartphones such as Apple iPhone and Google Android have much more advanced Web browser capabilities, which makes those platforms the easiest to develop for. Here are a couple of tips for building mobile Web sites and applications:
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Define your audience before starting development. This means you need to determine who you are building the app for. What platform will be they using Which browser do they use Will it be Wi-Fi or a cellular network Keep your site or app simple. Mobile devices have limited bandwidth and screen sizes.
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The Roanoke College Mobile Web site, shown in Figure 11-1, is a good example of a Web site designed for the iPhone browser that uses jQuery to load content using the Ajax method load(). It also uses a jQuery plug-in to offer a slideshow to showcase recent images around the college.
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Figure 11-1: The Roanoke College Mobile Web App uses jQuery
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Similar to the browser war that has been raging on the desktop for quite a few years now between Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and newcomer Google Chrome, a similar situation is now occurring with the mobile browsers. Each mobile browser can offer different advantages, but as the mobile Web application market advances, you should see more of the same features across the browsers.
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You can create a mobile Web browser application without having to touch any native mobile platform code, just by using the tools that you already use: HTML, CSS, and jQuery. The two leading mobile smartphone platforms, Apple iPhone iOS and Google Android, have two very advanced mobile browsers included with them; the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript features supported by these devices are outlined in Table 11.1. A native application software that is built for the phone s operating system as opposed to a Web site or Web app that can be viewed on the phone does offer great benefits, but you can also build something valuable for the browser. This makes even greater sense if you are already developing a Web site for the desktop browser.
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