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2. Create a statement that selects the unordered list with a class .product-tabs and applies the tabs method. Within the parentheses of the tabs method, you need to pass in the structure of how the tabbed content is set up. In this case, the content of the tabs is wrapped in an element with the class tab-panes, so within the tabs method pass, add a parent-child selector that selects all the div elements found within the tab-panes element. Basically, this statement says, select the product-tabs element (tabs navigation) and apply the tabs tool with the content being located within the div elements contained within tab-panes.
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$( .product-tabs ).tabs( .tab-panes > div );
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Figure 10-18: The Laithwaites Wine page, which uses tabs
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Reproduced by permission of Laithwaites Wine
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The tabs component in the jQuery tools plug-in has a wide range of options that can be applied to create more advanced tab implementations such as animated slideshows, fading effects, dynamic content, and so on. Please refer to the jQuery Tools Web site (http:// for the full documentation.
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Fancybox ( is lightweight lightbox plug-in based on the jQuery library. A lightbox is a way to display images in an overlay on a page without forcing a user to navigate to a separate page. Instead, a dark semi-transparent background covers the whole screen while an image is displayed in the foreground, usually in a white-bordered container. Figure 10-19 shows a lightbox from the Netflix Web site (
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Figure 10-19: The Net ix Web site uses a lightbox window overlay to show quick info about products
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Reproduced by permission of Net ix
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The story of Fancybox begins with the original Lightbox plug-in. I began using the original Lightbox plug-in ( in 2006. Since then, many new versions have been released, with the last update coming in 2008. Because of the limited support for Lightbox 2, I switched to Thickbox ( thickbox/) by Cody Lindley. Thickbox pushed the envelope with lightbox functionality by allowing not only images, but also videos and even dynamic content loaded from other sources to be displayed in the lightboxes. I used Thickbox for about three years on various project, until the creators of Thickbox stopped supporting it. It was time to move on, so I chose Fancybox, shown in Figure 10-20, and have been quite happy with it. The lesson behind my history with the Lightbox plug-in is that plug-ins are great, but when the person or company behind that plug-in stops supporting it, you either continue using it with the hopes that future versions of jQuery don t break the plug-in when you upgrade, or you scrap the plug-in and find something else that is supported. Each time this scenario happens, I usually switch to a new plug-in, one that is often better and has more features. 1. When using a plug-in with jQuery, you always need to include it in the top of your page. It should always be included directly after the jQuery library, but before any jQuery code that you have created:
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<script src= js/fancybox.js ></script>
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2. When setting up the HTML, add a class to the anchor tags that you want to set up using Fancybox. The class can be anything I just created one called .fancybox.
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<a class= fancybox href= f0fa91e026.jpg ><img alt= example1 src= com/4058/4252054277_f0fa91e026_m.jpg /></a>
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3. Create a statement that selects the .fancybox element and applies the fancybox method. If you do not pass in any options to the fancybox method, the default behavior is applied.
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$( .fancybox ).fancybox();
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Figure 10-20: The Fancybox jQuery plug-in demo
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Please refer to the Fancybox Web site ( for the full documentation.
Writing your own jQuery plug-in is a great way to share code that you have created with the jQuery community in a way that anyone can easily adapt to their own projects. You can also write a jQuery plug-in for your own use, if you are going to be using that same method in a variety of applications within a site. Most Web site issues or enhancements that you encounter when building and maintaining the DOM or Ajax iterations can be solved with jQuery and in turn can be converted into a plug-in for reuse. But on some occasions, if a plug-in already exists with similar functionality