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9: Working with Dynamic Data and Ajax 10: Creating and Using jQuery Plug-Ins 11: Developing for the Mobile Web with jQuery 12: Finding jQuery Resources
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In this chapter, I review how you can use jQuery to perform Ajax-type requests with server-side data. I use code examples that I built in previous chapters and show you how you can add dynamic content to create self-updating widgets. I won t instruct you on how to set up the server-side component, which requires knowledge of a backend programming language such as PHP or ASP.net and is beyond the scope of the book. I do show you how to interact with a few popular server-side third-party APIs (application programming interfaces) to build dynamic integrations that can pull data from their API s and present it on a Web site using jQuery.
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JQUERY IS CAPABLE of DOM manipulation and does it really well. What you might not be aware of is that jQuery has various methods that allow for Ajax-type interactions. Many people have misconceptions about what Ajax is and what it isn t. The acronym Ajax became a big buzzword around the dawn of Web 2.0. Web designers, developers, and marketers all claimed they could do Ajax, but what does that mean It means being able to design, build, and market Web sites and applications that transmit data back and forth behind the scenes letting you present a much richer user experience to your customers.
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Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The lesser-known buzzword is XHR, which stands for XML HTTP Request. If you use Firebug for Firefox a lot, you ve probably seen Ajax requests labeled XHR, a type of Ajax request, as shown in Figure 9-1.
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Figure 9-1: XHR requests in Facebook shown in Firebug
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Ajax is a group of patterns and techniques that allow client-side applications to pass data back and forth with server-side applications without requiring a page refresh or reload. Ajax creates a seemingly seamless flow of data behind the scenes, which is why asynchronous is part of its name. It passes data back and forth asynchronously. Ajax requests are performed via POST or GET requests. Ajax requests can be done synchronously and sometimes must be. (Say, for example, you are loading an external configuration file and you do not want the rest of the script to proceed until you are sure that the config file has been loaded successfully.) I focus on asynchronous requests only throughout this chapter. Facebook offers a great example of Ajax in action. When you log on to Facebook, you typically see your news feed of your friends status updates and latest activities. On the left is a list of your friends who are currently online. This is controlled through an Ajax request to the server that constantly checks to see whether any of your friends are online. Perhaps one of your friends notices you are online and opens a chat session that s another Ajax request. While you are chatting with your friend, two other friends update their statuses, so a message appears at the top of your news feed notifying you of the new news feed items. All of these events are occurring through Ajax requests; you haven t had to refresh/reload the page once. Quite amazing!
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Gmail incorporates a lot of Ajax functionality with such features as a built-in real-time chat client, the ability to make phone calls through your Gmail account, drag-and-drop functionality for moving messages around, and auto-completion for the To field of an e-mail message. Gmail is another great example of Ajax being used to its fullest capacity as shown in Figure 9-2.
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