Create code 128 barcode in Java 8: CREATING ADVANCED FORMS WITH JQUERY
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Using jQuery to retrieve the value from a select option is also simple to set up, yet can be very useful in any type of Web site or application. An example of this functionality can be seen on Crutchfield.com, a car and home audio electronics Web site, in the Outfit Your Car section shown in Figure 8-11. Crutchfield allows you to select your car year, model, and make each time you make a selection, the value of the select option a retrieved and then used to display another option with list items that are filtered by the previous select.
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Figure 8-11: The Crutch eld.com Out t Your Car Wizard
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Copyright 1996 2010, Crutch eld New Media, LLC All rights reserved. Crutch eld is a trademark of Crutch eld New Media, LLC.
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1. Set up the HTML form select element that will be used to retrieve the value of the selected option:
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<select id= my-select name= question1 > <option value= yes >yes</option> <option value= no >no</option> </select>
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2. Set up a selector statement that selects the my-select element and attach a change event to it.
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$( #my-select ).change(function() { });
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3. Add a variable to the change event handler called selectVal and make it equal to this value (the one that is being selected):
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$( #my-select ).change(function() { var selectVal = $(this).val(); alert(selectVal); });
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E-mail validation is critical for a newsletter sign-up on a Web site. If users submit a bad e-mail address, it can cost you time and money to get it cleaned out your database. Using jQuery, you can set up simple e-mail validation on a form without having to write a lot of code. This sort of script can be useful on a Web site, such as the Laithwaites Wine special offer email sign-up form in Figure 8-12, where you don t need to validate multiple fields with different types data requiring advanced validation. I demonstrate advanced validation using a popular jQuery validation plug-in at the end of this chapter. It s important to remember that you should never rely solely on client-side JavaScript validation; server-side validation should always be present if client-side is not available.
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Figure 8-12: The Laithwaites Wine Web site uses simple e-mail validation on their newsletter signup link
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Reproduced from Laithwaiteswine.com
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The following code uses a regular expression to test that the e-mail address being submitted is in the correct format. The click event is attached to the Submit button so that the e-mail address is validated only upon submission. Various error and success messages are shown to the user depending upon whether the e-mail address is invalid or no e-mail address is entered. Upon successful capture of the e-mail address, the form is replaced with a message thanking the user for signing up, as shown in Figure 8-13.
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Figure 8-13: The message that is displayed if the user enters a bad e-mail address and clicks the Submit button
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195 Regular expressions are special patterns that can be created to match strings of text and numbers. They are commonly used for matching e-mail addresses, phone numbers, ZIP codes, credit card numbers, and so on. Regular expressions are a standard practice used in most Web programming languages and you can search for specific regular expressions on the Internet to be used in your scripts. 1. Start off by creating a very simple e-mail form with an e-mail input field and a Submit button.
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<div id= email-form > <input type= text id= email-input name= email /> <input type= submit value= Submit id= email-submit name= submit /> </div>
2. Select the #email-submit button and attach a click event to it. Inside of the click event, add a return false statement to ensure that when the button is clicked, the default submission is halted.
$( #email-submit ).bind( click , function(){ return false; });