Aperture 3 Portable Genius in .NET

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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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Text. Select the Text check box to add text to a slide. Use the pop-up menu to pick between displaying a specific metadata field or custom text. Use the Font and Color buttons below the Text pop-up menu to set the font style and color. Click and drag the text box that appears on the slide to position the text, and use the handles around the text box to resize it.
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8.13 When you click Edit next to the Crop pop-up menu, Aperture displays the crop options on top of Viewer as well as crop rectangles when you select the Fill Frame or Ken Burns Effect crop.
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Periodically, you ll find yourself wanting to give each slide a custom duration. Rather than clicking on each slide and setting its duration, it s much easier to use the Slide Duration button to record custom timing. Note that this option is only available with the Classic and Ken Burns themes. To use the Slide Duration button, follow these steps.
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Select the slide where you want to start recording custom timing. Click the Slide Duration button. Aperture adds the overlay to Viewer, as shown in Figure 8.14.
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8: How Can I Share My Images Digitally
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8.14 The Slide Duration overlay provides instructions for how to record custom slide durations as well as displaying the elapsed time for each slide.
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Press the spacebar to start playing the show. The overlay in Figure 8.14 shows the elapsed time in its timer. Press the Return key to set the slide s time and to move on to the next slide. Press the spacebar when you finish setting slide durations.
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At any point, you can repeat these steps to record new custom timing, and you can use the Slideshow Settings/Selected Slides settings to change a slide s duration without rerecording the timing.
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Adding video clips
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Adding video to a slide show is quite straightforward because Aperture essentially treats your video clip just like it does your images. Simply drag your video clip onto the Slideshow Album in the Library Inspector to make sure it s in the slide show, use the Slideshow Editor s Browser to position the clip where you want it to be in the show, and you re done. Just like with an image slide, there are a number of options available for a video slide including photo effects, cropping, transitions, text, and more. There is an extra option for video slides, however, related to the clip s audio track. The Slideshow Settings/Selected Slides settings have four new sliders. The first three, Volume, Fade In, and Fade Out, control the clip audio s volume and how long (if at all) Aperture takes to fade the clip s audio in or out. Set the Volume slider to 0% to not use any of the clip s audio. There s also a slider and a Reduce volume of main track check box to control any background music in your slide show. Selecting this check box causes Aperture to reduce the background music s volume by the amount specified with the slider so that you can hear the clip s audio instead.
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Adding music
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To add music to your slide show, start by clicking the Audio Browser button. Aperture opens the audio browser, as shown in Figure 8.15. Use the pop-up menu at the top to switch between Aperture-provided music, audio files from your camera and movie clips, and your iTunes library
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
and playlists. Drag a song from the audio browser onto the empty area in Browser to add it to your slide show. Aperture displays a green bar behind your images representing the main audio file. If your slide show is longer than the main audio file, the green background ends before the last slide. Either drag an additional audio file onto your show or set the main audio file to loop by going into the show s default settings and selecting Loop main audio track. To delete an audio file, select the green area representing the audio file so that it has a white border around it and press Delete on your keyboard.
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8.15 When you add a DRM-free sound file to your slide show from the audio browser, Aperture displays a green area in Browser representing the sound file.
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To open the Audio Adjustments heads-up display (HUD), either double-click the main audio clip or select the clip and choose Adjust Audio from the Slideshow Action pop-up menu. The Audio Adjustments HUD (see Figure 8.16) lets you modify the audio file s volume and fade in and out duration.
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