The set of colors that a device can reproduce is referred to as the device s gamut. in .NET

Insert Code-39 in .NET The set of colors that a device can reproduce is referred to as the device s gamut.
The set of colors that a device can reproduce is referred to as the device s gamut.
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7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos
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Setting up a calibrated workflow so that your computer knows how your printer and monitor render each color is key to getting consistent prints of your photos. This process involves two key steps: calibrating your monitor and calibrating your printer. Although setting up a calibrated workflow might sound very complex, it s actually rather easy.
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sRGB Adobe RGB 1998
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Calibrating your monitor
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The first part of setting up a calibrated workflow is to figure out how your monitor renders colors. For example, a shade of red could look darker or bluer or more orange, and so forth, on your monitor than on another monitor. Calibrating your monitor lets your computer (and Aperture) know that it needs to correct this shade of red so that it matches the red standard. To calibrate your monitor, you need a special device called a colorimeter. This device reads the light coming out of your monitor and uses it to build a color profile for your monitor. A color profile is a file that describes a device s color space. At the time of writing, there are three devices that we suggest checking out. The X-Rite Pantone Huey is a low-cost tool that can give reasonable results, although its results are not as accurate as other tools. The Datacolor Spyder 3 is a great midrange tool that generates very good profiles. The X-Rite ColorMunki (see Figure 7.2) is a very high-quality spectrophotometer that is capable of calibrating your monitor, projector, and printer. Although more expensive than the other two devices, the ColorMunki is our currently recommended calibration device. Although these devices have very impressive names, they re fairly easy to use. Follow the directions for the device you purchase, but in general, you ll install a piece of software, launch it, hang the device from your monitor when prompted, and then save the resulting profile (and switch your system to use it).
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7.1 The larger Adobe RGB 1998 and the smaller sRGB color spaces on top of a CIE 1931 diagram with all colors.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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Pay attention to the lighting conditions in your room when calibrating your monitor. Even a calibrated monitor will look different in sunlight and under artificial lighting.
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Caution We recommend making your room as dark as reasonable when calibrating your
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monitor and judging color, as it s easier to make a room dark than to match a specific lighting level.
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Calibrating your printer
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A monitor color profile tells your computer how to properly display the colors in an image file, and a printer color profile tells your computer how to convert the colors in the file into your printer s color space. Most printer manufacturers have profiles available on their Web sites for their printers and paper types. Make sure you pay close attention to the paper type specified in the profile name, because if you use a printer profile based on one type of paper such as glossy to print onto another paper type such as matte, your colors will be off. Many times, third-party print labs have their printer profiles available for download on their Web sites with instructions on how to use them. While these generic profiles are usually pretty good for printers, you can create a custom printer profile to get the best results. Do so either by using a device like the X-Rite ColorMunki or by using a service such as Cathy s Profiles (www. Note that you will need a custom profile for each ink and paper combination you use with your printer.
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Courtesy X-Rite
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7.2 The X-Rite ColorMunki spectrophotometer.
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Soft proofing
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Even if you are very careful in creating your monitor and printer profiles, it s still possible that you will see a small difference between the image on the screen and the printed image. This difference
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