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wrong direction. You can also use the curved arrow near the top right of each of the bricks to reset the brick to its default settings.
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6: What Tools Can I Use to Make My Images Better
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Making basic adjustments
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In this section, we cover the basics of using each adjustment including those that appear by default in the Adjustments Inspector and the additional adjustments that are available from the Adjustments pop-up menu. Of course, no image needs every adjustment. Before you begin adjusting your image, we highly recommend that you take a minute to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the image and develop a game plan for what you need to do to make the image pop. That way you won t waste time floundering, randomly trying different adjustments, and instead will select only the adjustments you need for each image. One of the really convenient things about using Aperture to optimize your images is that every edit you make within Aperture (not a plug-in) can be modified at any time in the future. It s all nondestructive. As mentioned earlier, you can create multiple versions of an image using different adjustments or crops. These versions require only minimal additional hard drive space, and that means you can feel free to create and experiment while creating multiple renditions of an image. The order that the adjustments appear in the Adjustments Inspector is the order in which Aperture applies them to your image. You cannot rearrange the order they
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appear in the brick, but you can select them and work on them in any order you choose. However with some processor intensive adjustments such as the Retouch brush, you may find that your computer works better if you apply those adjustments before making other adjustments.
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Adjusting the Raw Fine Tuning
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The Raw Fine Tuning brick appears automatically for all RAW files but is unavailable if the file is not a RAW file. It contains controls that let you further customize the algorithms used to decode the RAW file. Aperture uses algorithms that Apple has developed for each supported camera as well as DNG files, but your individual camera may differ from the one the engineers used and you may want to modify the settings used for specific types of shots, such as those with higher ISOs, or individual images. The available sliders are: Boost. This slider controls the amount of overall contrast by making the lighter tonalities lighter at its default setting of 1.00 and reducing the brightness of the middle and lighter tones when the slider is moved left toward zero. In most images, the darkest tones are minimally affected at most.
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Hue Boost. This slider controls some color shifts that may appear when the Boost slider is used. At settings of 0.00, the original hues are preserved, whereas at 1.00 some color shifting is applied. The Hue Boost may make it possible to see more color differentiation and seems to work best with nature photographs. We find that settings of 1.00 often reveal additional hues in bright sunsets or highly saturated subjects such as sunsets as shown in Figure 6.11. You may need to experiment with various Boost settings as you modify the Hue Boost slider.
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6.11 Setting the Hue Boost slider to the far right often reveals additional colors, particularly in areas with highly saturated reds and yellows. The image on the left has a Hue Boost of 0, whereas the image on the right has a value of 1.0.
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Sharpening. This slider controls the amount of sharpening applied to the image during the RAW decode. This is to counter the small amount of softening that occurs as digital images are captured. Edges. This slider controls how different two pixels have to be before Aperture considers them an edge. It applies the sharpening to areas it defines as being an edge. View your image at 100 percent magnification before adjusting the Sharpening and Edges sliders. Experiment with a variety of combinations of settings but keep in
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