3: What Methods Can I Use to See My Images in .NET

Encode ANSI/AIM Code 39 in .NET 3: What Methods Can I Use to See My Images
3: What Methods Can I Use to See My Images
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In the bottom section of the dialog, navigate to the location of the referenced master and select the master. A thumbnail of the image and some identifying metadata appear next to it so you can compare it to the image selected above and be sure that you re connecting the right master.
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Click Reconnect to reconnect a specific image. Alternatively, you can select a group of images to reconnect and click Reconnect All.
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3.27 Use the Locate Referenced Files option to reconnect referenced files and their masters.
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Relocating referenced masters
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If you decide that you need to move the masters for some (or all) of your referenced files, for example, to place them on an external drive, there s a way to do it so that Aperture knows exactly where to look for them. Then you won t have to spend time later trying to reconnect the masters and referenced files. To relocate the masters for referenced files, follow these steps:
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Select the referenced images in the Browser.
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2. Choose File Relocate Masters. A dialog appears, as shown in Figure 3.28.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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3.28 Use the Relocate Masters option to move master files.
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Choose a location to store the images. We often create a new folder in Pictures, but if you re moving the files to an external drive, you may just need a folder on that drive. Be sure to use a name for the folder that alerts you that it contains referenced masters. Consider putting the letters RM after the name or any other convention that works for you.
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Choose None from the subfolder pop-up menu to store each file individually within the folder you just selected in Step 3. If you want Aperture to organize the images into subfolders, then choose one of the subfolder presets or create your own by choosing Edit and following the prompts to configure a custom preset.
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Specify a naming convention to use. Choose Master Filename to use the current master filename. This is the format we recommend so that you can easily identify the images. However, you can use any of the other formats such as Version or Custom.
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Click Relocate Masters. Aperture moves the masters to their new location.
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3: What Methods Can I Use to See My Images
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You can relocate masters that are managed as well. In that case, they become referenced files. To relocate managed files, follow the same steps you use to relocate ref-
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erenced files.
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Although relocating masters is usually a very quick process, depending on how many masters you re moving it could require some time. Be sure to leave the external drive
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Caution connected while Aperture moves the masters to it. If you re not sure whether the
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masters have all been moved, choose Window Show Activity. If Aperture is still in the process of moving the masters, the task appears in this window.
Converting referenced masters to managed masters
You may find that you have a number of referenced files that you want to convert to managed files. For example, if you are traveling with a laptop and leave the external hard drives that contain all your referenced files at home, you might want to be able to make adjustments or export some files while you travel. To change referenced files into managed files, follow these steps:
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In the Browser, select the files you want to convert to managed files. Choose File Consolidate Masters. In the dialog that appears, choose whether you want to move the files into the Aperture library or make a copy of them that is managed in the library.
Click Continue.
Deleting referenced files
When you delete a referenced file, you follow the same steps we covered in 1 to delete files. However, when you press Shift+ +Delete to empty the trash, a dialog appears as shown in Figure 3.29. To delete the referenced master file as opposed to just deleting the version within Aperture, select the Move referenced files to System Trash check box. If you want to leave the master file intact but remove the version that s in Aperture, leave that check box unselected.
3.29 The Empty Trash dialog.
Aperture 3 Portable Genius
Working with Stacks in Browser
As mentioned in 1, you can organize groups of related images into stacks. These can be images that are very similar, part of a panorama, part of a High Dynamic Range (HDR) series, different versions of the same image, or any images that you want to group together for any reason. Stacked images have a dark-gray box around them and a number in the upper-left corner of the first image indicating the number of images in the stack, as shown in Figure 3.30. Stacks can contain as many images as you want.