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3.16 The Sort order options.
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Working with heads-up displays
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In addition to the toolbar and filmstrip, you can use a heads-up display version of the Inspector or the Keywords HUD, as shown in Figure 3.17. To access the Inspector HUD, click the Inspector button in the toolbar or press H. An Inspector appears that floats over your image. If you slide the lock, the HUD moves to a vacant side of the interface, and the image decreases in size to accommodate it. The Inspector HUD has all the same controls and options as the Inspector does in the regular Aperture interface that we covered in 1. To hide the Inspector, press H or click the icon again.
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3.17 The Inspector HUD.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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If you hold down the Shift key while dragging any slider in the Adjustments HUD, everything in the HUD disappears except the slider so that you can see most of your image while making the adjustment, as shown in Figure 3.18. We love this feature! To access the Keywords HUD, choose the icon in the toolbar or press Shift+H. A floating HUD appears to use for creating and assigning keywords. We cover using the Keyword HUD in detail in 4. To hide the Keyword HUD, press Shift+H or click the icon again.
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Additional Viewer Options
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Regardless of whether you re using full-screen mode or the regular interface, there are three which we cover in this section.
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3.18 Hold the Shift key while dragging a slider to make the rest of the HUD disappear.
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more Viewer options that you need to know: Primary Only, Quick Preview, and Viewing Masters,
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Using Primary Only
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When you have multiple images selected that are visible in the Viewer, any changes (other than adjustments) that you make are applied to all the selected images. So if you assign a star rating or apply a label and so forth, you won t affect just one image, you modify all of them. But the reality is that at times while working you re likely to want to make changes to just one of the images. To do that, click the Primary Only button. Notice that when you select multiple images, one of them has a wider white border. That s the one that will still have a white border when you click Primary Only, as shown in Figure 3.19.
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3: What Methods Can I Use to See My Images
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Primary Only button
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3.19 Use the Primary Only button to apply changes to just one of several images that are selected.
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Using Quick Preview
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After you ve downloaded your images, if you re like us, you re impatient to start seeing them and perhaps making some preliminary edits. Although images load pretty quickly in Aperture 3, if you re uploading a lot of images, it will still take time for Aperture to complete the download and generate previews. If you try to go through the images too quickly, you may discover that the spinning beach ball appears while Aperture creates a preview for that image. If you hate waiting and are willing to go through your images having Aperture use the initial previews (that are often JPEG files embedded within the RAW file), use Quick Preview mode. To engage Quick Preview mode, click the Quick Preview button in the toolbar, as shown in Figure 3.20. A yellow border appears around
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3.20 Use Quick Preview to view your images quickly.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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the images you select. You won t be able to make any adjustments while you re in Quick Preview mode, and we suggest you not make any decisions about the final sharpness or exposure because the Quick Preview version may differ considerably from the actual file. Still, it s a good way to quickly get a sense of the images you ve captured. To exit Quick Preview, click the Quick Preview button again.
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Viewing the master image
While you work in Aperture, as long as you re not using Quick Preview mode, the image preview in the Viewer updates to reflect all your edits. Although you can toggle any particular adjustment off and on using the check boxes in the Adjustments panel, sometimes it s helpful to glance at the original image to make sure you re heading in the right direction. The fastest way to do that is to click the Show Master button shown in Figure 3.21. The image in the Viewer reverts to the original before you applied any adjustments, although all your adjustments are still intact. To return to edited view, click the Show Master button again.