What Tools Can I Use to Make My Images Better 144 in .NET

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chapter 6
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What Tools Can I Use to Make My Images Better 144
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Using the Metadata panel map to assign a location 133 Using the search option in Places to assign a location Creating and assigning custom locations 135 Assigning locations using iPhone GPS information 137 Assigning locations using GPS receivers 138 Assigning location information using Projects view 139 Moving a Pin Removing location information from an image Finding images using Places 140 141 141 134 Reprocessing Masters for Aperture 3 Straightening an Image Cropping Images Reducing Red Eye Using the Adjustments Inspector Setting Preferences for making adjustments 151 Working with the histogram Commonalities of all the adjustment bricks Brushing adjustments in or out Making basic adjustments Adjusting the Raw Fine Tuning Setting the white balance Using the Exposure controls Taking advantage of the Enhance tools Using the Highlights & Shadows adjustments 169 Using Levels Taking advantage of the Color controls 173 Sharpening the image Taking advantage of Curves 175 176 170 152 153 155 157 157 159 162 165 146 147 148 150 151
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Converting an image to black and white
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Creating a contact sheet 179 Using built-in custom presets and creating your own Clicking the Print button and its settings 213 Ordering Prints Creating a Book Creating a new book album and picking themes Navigating the Book Layout Editor Placing images and text Adjusting metadata boxes Configuring item options Working with Browser s extra book features
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Converting an image to a color monochrome or sepia 180 Adding or removing a vignette 181 Removing chromatic aberration 182 Removing noise Using Quick Brushes Using the Retouch Brushes Using the remaining Quick Brushes Creating and Using Adjustment Presets Using an External Editor Using Third-Party Editing Plug-Ins 183 183 184 186 191 194 195
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chapter 7
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What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos 198
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Using maps Switching page styles Adding and removing pages Customizing page layout Editing master pages Printing or ordering your book
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chapter 8
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How Can I Share My Images 232 Digitally
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Color Management Calibrating your monitor Calibrating your printer Soft proofing Using Aperture s Print Dialog Configuring a Standard Print Printer options Layout options Image and color options Metadata options
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Exporting Masters and Versions of Images Exporting masters Folder and filename options Metadata options Exporting versions Managing image export presets Adding watermarks E-mailing Images Slide Shows Creating a new slide show Using the Slideshow Editor Arranging a slide show Adjusting the show s settings Adjusting individual slide settings 249 Adding video clips Adding music Playing and exporting your shows 254 Web Pages Comparing Web Journals, Web Pages, and Smart Web Pages Creating and configuring a new Web Page Creating and configuring a new Web Journal MobileMe 262 Setting up a MobileMe Gallery album Adjusting the settings on your MobileMe Gallery album Facebook 267 Setting up Facebook access within Aperture 267 Publishing images from Aperture to Facebook
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Flickr 269 234 234 235 237 238 239 241 242 243 243 245 248 248 Setting up Flickr access within Aperture 269 Publishing images to Flickr Using Other Export Plug-ins 270 271
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chapter 9
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How Can I Use Aperture with My HDSLR s Video Files 274
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Creating a custom slide show preset 244
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How Does Aperture Handle Video Files Importing Video Files Viewing Video Files Editing a Clip Setting the clip s poster frame Trimming the clip Exporting a Video Clip Working with Audio Files Importing audio files Playing audio Attaching audio files Detaching audio files
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Attaching and detaching audio files 281
chapter 10
How Can Aperture Make My Workflow Smoother 284
Alternate backup strategies Time Machine Other physical storage Online backup Using Aperture s Database Repair Tools
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Index 312
Understanding Badge Meanings Managing Photo Previews Controlling preview preferences Generating previews Previews and stacks Working with Multiple Libraries Switching libraries Moving images between libraries Exporting a library Importing a library Working with multiple computers Controlling Tethered Shooting Configuring a tethering session Running a tethering session Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts Using Aperture with Automator Vaults and Backup Using vaults to back up your images Creating a vault Updating a vault Restoring from a vault Deleting a vault
286 288 288 290 290 290 291 292 292 293 294 296 296 297 297 299 303 304 305 305 306 307
In many ways, Apert ure needs no introduction. It s professional photo management done by Apple, the same folks who brought you iPhoto, iPhone, and more. We could lavish it with praise for the next few hundred pages and describe to you how happy we are with the photographic workflows we ve developed with Aperture, but while that praise would be completely true (perhaps garnished with a touch of hyperbole to add some humor), that wouldn t leave much room to explain how Aperture can help your workflow. Instead, we ll simply say that Aperture has helped us optimize our digital workflows more than any other piece of software (and between the two of us, we ve tried them all) so that we can quickly process thousands of images and spend more time shooting and less time at our computers. When you first look at it, though, it s tough to understand how this neutral-gray window can do so much, and more importantly, what all these weird words like worry: we re here to help. The next few hundred pages will take you through Aperture, from understanding the basic terms in 1 to advanced topics in 10. As you read, we encourage you to import some images and videos into your Aperture library and to try clicking the buttons we describe for yourself. Don t feel obligated to read this book from start to finish, however. While we ve tried to build the text so that the chapters follow roughly a digital workflow order and build on each other, feel free to skip around, especially if you ve used Aperture before. Lastly, while it s easy to sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the features in a program like Aperture, don t be. There s no test at the end of this book, and you don t have to use every possible feature to its fullest to integrate Aperture into your workflow. That s part of what s so great about Aperture it s flexible enough to fit into your workflow instead of forcing you to fit into its workflow. stacks and projects mean. Don t