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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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Setting up and applying an adjustment preset on import
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RAW files often seem to be a little flat and may seem slightly less saturated, which can be a bit disconcerting when you first view your images and may make you hesitant to share your images with others until you ve fully optimized them. At other times you may realize that your white balance is off in a series of images, or perhaps you want to view them as black and whites. Aperture 3 s Import Panel offers access to the default Adjustment Presets as well as your custom adjustment presets by choosing Import Settings Adjustment Presets. Figure 2.16 shows the Adjustment Presets that are available from the Preset pop-up menu. Only a single adjustment preset can be applied to each image during the import process, so often one of the Quick Fix presets such as Auto Enhance provides a good starting place for optimizing your images. You can apply additional adjustment presets after the images are imported by using the Adjustment panel. You may prefer to create customized adjustment presets containing several of the adjustments you routinely use and have Aperture apply that preset during import. That way your images will look better when you re editing them and you ll have less work to do to optimize them. Keep in mind that you can create a variety of adjustment presets, each containing different combinations of numerous adjustments. To modify an existing adjustment preset containing more than a single adjustment, do the following:
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2.16 All the adjustment presets are available from within the Import panel although only one can be applied during the import process.
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Click the Edit Presets option on the Preset pop-up menu in the Adjustment Presets brick in the Import window. Doing so will access the Adjustment Presets Manager shown in Figure 2.17.
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2. Select a preset. The adjustments it contains will be listed in the panel on the right side
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of the dialog.
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Click the minus radio button by each adjustment to remove one or more of the adjustments within the preset.
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2: How Do I Import Images
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2.17 The Adjustment Presets Manager enables you to manage and customize your adjustment presets.
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Some sites such as www.maccreate.com offer numerous adjustment presets that you can download and then import. These presets emulate a variety of film effects
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both color and black and white as well as camera manufacturers Picture Styles and more.
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To create your own custom adjustment preset from scratch, follow these steps:
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Create an adjustment preset by clicking on an image that s already imported into Aperture. Choose an image that has only the adjustments applied that you want to use for your preset, or even better, an image with no adjustments applied at all.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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Apply the adjustments you want as part of the preset. For example, we often apply a combination of a Curve adjustment to add a small amount of midtone contrast, along with some Definition and some Edge Sharpening. It s a good idea to be fairly conservative as you set the sliders, although all adjustments that are applied via a preset can be tweaked by adjusting the sliders later in the Adjustments panel.
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Go to the Presets pop-up menu that s in the Adjustments panel, as shown in Figure 2.18, and choose Save as Preset. The Adjustment Presets dialog appears.
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Assign a descriptive name in the Adjustment Presets dialog so that later you remember exactly what the preset does. Your customized presets will appear in the list of adjustment presets in the Import panel in addition to the default presets.
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2.18 Create customized adjustment presets from scratch within the Adjustments panel in Aperture and apply them in the Import panel.
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If you make a series of your own presets, or download and import custom presets, you can group them together by doing the following:
1. 2. 3.
Choose Presets Edit Presets. This displays the Preset Manager. Click the Action pop-up menu and choose New Preset Group. Drag as many presets into the new group as you want. That way you can keep your presets organized and easy to find.
By taking advantage of the metadata and adjustment presets in the Import panel, you ll have considerably less work to do later.