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10.13 Drobo products, from Data Robotics, provide an easy and low-cost way to set up a RAID system for your photo library.
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Using vaults to back up your images
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A vault is a special backup of your photo library that Aperture incrementally updates when you update the vault. Specifically, each time you update your vault, Aperture s smart enough to only copy over any changes you ve made, rather than making a full copy of your library each time. You can create multiple vaults, such as one that you update daily, and another on a hard drive that you keep off-site that you update weekly. Aperture does not back up referenced files within a vault, only managed files. If you use referenced files in your workflow, see the section on Alternate backup strategies
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Caution for how to back up your images.
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10: How Can Aperture Make My Workflow Smoother
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Choose Window Show Vaults or switch to the Library Inspector and click the Vault Pane button to display the Vault pane, as shown in Figure 10.14.
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Vault status
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Creating a vault
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Creating a new vault is simple. Follow these steps:
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Connect your external drive for the vault. Open the Vault pane. Choose Add Vault from the Vault Action pop-up menu or choose File Vault Add Vault. Aperture opens a dialog indicating how many files will be backed up. Click Continue to proceed.
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Update all vaults
10.14 Use the Vault pane in the Library Inspector to manage your vaults.
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Choose where you want your vault to live and give it a name. Click Add, and Aperture creates an empty vault. Update it right away to create the initial backup.
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Updating a vault
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The Vault Status button, located to the right of each vault s entry in the Vault pane, indicates how up to date the vault is. A black icon means the vault is up to date, a yellow icon means that the vault contains all the master files from your library but not all your adjustments, and a red icon means that there are masters in your library that haven t been backed up. To update a specific vault, either click the Vault Status button or select the vault and choose Update Vault from the Vault Action pop-up menu. To update all your vaults, click the Update All Vaults button or choose File Vaults. Vault Update All
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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If you have to manually copy your vault to a new drive or rename your backup drive, reconnect your vault to Aperture by selecting the vault in the Vault Pane, choosing
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Update Vault Path from the Vault Action pop-up menu, and selecting the vault on your drive in the dialog.
Restoring from a vault
Restoring your library from a vault is straightforward. While hopefully you ll never have to restore a library due to a drive failure, if you purchase a new computer, you can use these easy steps to restore a vault into a fresh Aperture installation rather than manually copying your library over.
1. 2. 3.
Connect the hard drive with your vault to your computer. Wait for it to appear in Finder. Open Aperture. Choose File Vault Restore Library. Aperture opens the sheet in Figure 10.15.
10.15 The Restore Library sheet lets you choose which vault to use to restore your library.
4. 5.
Choose your vault from the Source Vault pop-up menu. If it s not listed, choose Select Source Vault and navigate to your vault. Click Restore. When prompted to confirm, click Restore again.
If you use a vault to back up your library, we highly recommend storing it on an external hard drive so that if your primary drive fails, you don t lose your vault, too.
10: How Can Aperture Make My Workflow Smoother
Deleting a vault
To delete a vault, select it in the Vault Pane and choose Remove Vault from the Vault Action popup menu or choose File Vault Remove Vault. Aperture prompts you to either remove and delete the vault, or to just remove it. If you only remove it, it will still be on your hard drive, and you can still restore from it at a later date. If you choose Remove and Delete, Aperture deletes the vault from your drive.