Click Save to save your changes and to close the Command Editor. in .NET

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Click Save to save your changes and to close the Command Editor.
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10: How Can Aperture Make My Workflow Smoother
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There are other ways to use this editor, though. If you click a key in the keyboard display, Aperture updates the Key Detail area to show all the different commands associated with this key and different modifiers. For example, the N key is bound to the Light Table Zoom Navigator, New Project, Add Noise Reduction, and New Folder, depending on the modifier key. To change which modifiers a given key uses (for example, perhaps you want +Shift+N to be New Project and +N to be New Folder), drag the command names in the Key Detail s Command column around until they re set up how you d like. You can also drag a command from the Command List to the Key Detail table to set a new hotkey. Clicking the Keyboard button at the top right shows you what keys have shortcuts attached to them for the selected command group (in the Command List area), and Aperture updates the display as you select the different modifiers at the top. You can also drag commands onto the keyboard display or drag them from the keyboard to add and remove commands interactively. Note that as you drag commands over the keyboard display, Aperture updates the contents of the Key Detail area to reflect the selected key. To create a new command set, follow these steps:
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Open the Command Editor. Select the set you want to copy or the Default set from the pop-up menu in the top left. Choose Duplicate. Give your command set a name and click OK.
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To switch command sets without opening the Command Editor, choose your desired set from the Aperture Commands menu. To export a command set, select it from the Aperture Commands menu and then choose Aperture Commands Export. Import that file on another machine by choosing Aperture Commands Import.
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Using Aperture with Automator
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Automator is a workflow tool that ships with Mac OS X. It lets you easily assemble workflow actions by dragging and dropping different pieces. For example, you could create a workflow to get the images you have selected in Aperture, export versions of them at a certain size, and load them into Keynote, one image per slide.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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We re going to walk through a simple example, exporting images, applying a quartz composition filter, and reimporting them into Aperture. If you ve ever used Photo Booth and played with the funky filters, those are all quartz composition filters, and the filters range from simple ones like black and white or sepia tone to funky ones like color pencil and thermal camera. These filters aren t available directly in Aperture, but this workflow makes it easy to apply them anyway. Follow these steps:
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Open Automator. It s in your Applications folder and looks like Figure 10.10 when running. Go into the Photos group, select Get Selected Items, and drag it onto the area at the right. Automator now looks like Figure 10.11.
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10.10 Automator is a useful tool for creating complex workflows quickly and easily.
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Drag the Export Versions action onto the right, after the Get Selected Images task. Set your export options as desired.
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10: How Can Aperture Make My Workflow Smoother
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10.11 Drag and drop workflow actions from the library on the left to the workflow area on the right.
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Drag Apply Quartz Composer Filter onto the right. Select what filter you want to apply, such as Color Pencil, and set any additional task options for that filter. Automator prompts you to add a copy files step because this action modifies your images. Choose Don t Add, as a fresh copy of your images was already exported in the previous action to modify.
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Drag Import Photos after Apply Quartz Composer. Click Options and select the Show this action when the workflow runs check box so that Automator prompts you each time you run this action for where and how Aperture should import your images. Alternatively, if you always want to import your images the same way to the same project, type your settings and leave Show this action when the workflow runs deselected. Your completed workflow will look like Figure 10.12.
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Select a few images in Aperture. Click the Run button in the top-right corner of Automator. When it finishes running, look at your newly imported images with the quartz composition filter applied.
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