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When merging libraries, sometimes there will be a conflict. For example, if you exported a project from your desktop to your laptop, made similar changes in both places, and then tried to merge the library from your laptop with the one on your desktop, you will create a conflict because a file has been changed in both libraries. If Aperture finds a conflict, it prompts you with the dialog shown in Figure 10.6 about how you want to resolve the conflict.
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10.6 Aperture lets you pick which library s data it should use to resolve any merge conflicts.
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You resolve a conflict by picking which library is accurate. Unfortunately it doesn t provide any information about what the conflict is, and it will apply your pick to all conflicts it finds. If you have merge conflicts, to be safe, we recommend clicking Cancel, reimporting this library, and clicking Add instead of Merge so that Aperture imports its contents as a copy into your library, rather than possibly replacing existing, good data.
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If you drag and drop a library onto Aperture from the Finder, Aperture prompts you if you want to add or merge this library into the open library.
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The Projects View also lets you merge libraries into specific projects. To do so, select the project in the Projects View, Control+click and choose Import Library/Project,
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and select the library to merge.
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Working with multiple computers
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A very common reason to work with multiple libraries is that you have multiple computers. While you will need to establish a workflow that best fits your setup, here are our recommendations
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10: How Can Aperture Make My Workflow Smoother
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based on our setup. Specifically, we have laptops with limited storage that we take into the field and use on site and desktops with large hard drives in our offices. Create a new library for each shoot on your laptop. If you have just one Aperture library on your laptop containing multiple shoots, then you need to export a subsection of it to import into the master library on your desktop. If instead you create a new library for each shoot, when you re done you can import it as is to your desktop. Furthermore, if you like to keep a library with shots from multiple recent shoots on your laptop, you can add the single-shoot library into your existing laptop library and then delete the separate one-shoot library. Use managed files on the laptop. When you re tired or working quickly, as often happens in the field, it s easy to lose track of what folders you re putting your images into, how you re renaming your files, and all the other settings. We try to keep Aperture s settings on our laptops as idiot-proof as possible, and managed files give us one less thing to worry about. Connect your laptop to your desktop. Use either FireWire target disk mode or networking, or connect your laptop directly to your desktop s external hard drive with your master Aperture library. We prefer using Target disk mode because it s significantly faster than copying large files over a network (especially our wireless ones) and because we don t have to change our external hard drive s connections to hook them up to our laptops. To enter Target disk mode, connect two Macs with a FireWire cable, then reboot one of them while holding down T on that computer until you see the screen fill with the
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FireWire icon. That computer appears listed as an external hard drive for your other computer. You can then move or copy files between them.
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If needed, open your laptop s library from your desktop and export the library to a temporary location. Switch to your main Aperture library and import the library. At this point, do any bulk file management, such as switching managed files to referenced files, and if you exported a temporary library, it s now safe to delete it. Alternatively, use a portable external hard drive in the field as a backup and copy the library onto it daily. Then connect the external drive to your desktop computer at your home/office and import the library from there.
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