9: How Can I Use Aperture with My HDSLR s Video Files in .NET

Use USS Code 39 in .NET 9: How Can I Use Aperture with My HDSLR s Video Files
9: How Can I Use Aperture with My HDSLR s Video Files
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Follow these simple steps to set the poster frame:
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Select the clip in Browser. Use the transport controls in Viewer, and play or scrub to the frame you want to use as the clip s poster frame. From the Transport Controls HUD Action pop-up menu, choose Set as poster frame. Notice that your clip s thumbnail in the Browser updates to display the new frame.
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Trimming the clip
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Chances are the clip you recorded is longer than you want to actually show people. For example, when you pressed the Stop Recording button on your camera, you probably shook the camera slightly, and it would be nice to edit that bump out of your clip. Aperture 3 s main video-editing capability is trimming a clip, where you adjust the in and out points to remove any unwanted head and tail on your video clip. To trim a clip, follow these steps:
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Select the clip in Browser. From the Transport Controls HUD Action pop-up menu in Viewer, choose Trim. Aperture changes the HUD to the Trim HUD, as shown in Figure 9.4.
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9.4 The Trim HUD allows you to adjust your clip s in and out points.
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Click the yellow handles representing the in and out points in your video and drag them to the desired in and out points. Note that there is no Snap to Playhead feature or way to zoom in for a frame-accurate trim. It can take a couple tries to set the right in and out frames on long clips.
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Click Trim to finish trimming your clip.
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To reset your clip s in and out points, choose Reset Trim from the Transport Controls HUD Action pop-up menu.
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Exporting a Video Clip
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It s possible to export either your original clip or the trimmed version of your clip. Select it and choose either File Export Master or Version, respectively. Unfortunately these commands don t provide any transcoding options.
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Aperture 3 Portable Genius
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If you want to reencode your video or to cut together a sequence of video clips that you export as one movie, you have to repurpose another Aperture feature. Specifically, create a new slide show with your clip (or clips) and use the Classic theme. Assemble it as we describe in 8, and pay close attention to the aspect ratio setting. You will probably also want to turn off the show title. Then follow the steps in 8 to export your clip or sequence in one of a number of preset formats or to enter your own export settings.
If you re going to display your video on an iPad, use the Apple TV export preset.
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To create a still JPEG image from your movie, scrub to the appropriate frame and choose New JPEG from frame from the Transport Controls HUD Action pop-up menu. Aperture creates a JPEG of the frame at the same resolution of your video, stacked with your video.
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Working with Audio Files
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In addition to managing video files, Aperture also handles audio files, such as voice memos that some cameras can record and attach to an image.
Importing audio files
By default, Aperture shows any audio files or audio attachments in the Import window. Audio files will have a gray background with a speaker icon, and images with an audio attachment have a speaker badge, as shown in Figure 9.5. If you do not see your audio files or this badge, make sure that Exclude audio files and Exclude audio attachments are not selected in the File Types brick.
Playing audio
If your audio file is attached to an image, the playback controls are in the Metadata Inspector (see Figure 9.6). Click the Play button to hear your audio file, and click and drag the Time slider to scrub through your audio file. When you mouse over the Time slider, Aperture displays handles around the in and out points for your audio attachment. Click and drag these handles to adjust the audio file s in and out points.