Part II Practicing Safe Broadband in .NET

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168 Part II Practicing Safe Broadband
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through the wall of the garage from outside, and another hole in the garage wall into the of ce, about four inches from the hole used by the telephone company. A cable plug plate sits where the cable comes into the of ce from the garage. From there, a patch cable goes to my Speedstream (designed and made originally by Ef cient Networks, which is now owned by Siemens) model 5100 cable modem. I don t count the cable plug on the wall of my of ce as the demarcation point for my cable broadband. I count the internal network connection plug on the Speedstream cable modem as my demarcation point, because Comcast installed and con gured the cable modem. Satellite and wireless broadband service providers follow similar rules for demarcation points and future responsibility. Of course, the wiring heading to the demarcation point usually comes from a satellite dish or wireless antenna. In this case, everything said about cable or DSL broadband access applies to satellite and wireless service providers as well. However, I can speak only in generalities. The ne print of your service agreement with your provider will be the nal arbitrator of service responsibility.
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The provider s responsibility
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The company that installed your broadband service must take responsibility for proper cable integrity and service function up to the demarcation point in your home or of ce. If you have cable broadband service, the cable company almost certainly provides the physical wiring connection and the Internet service portions. One provider, one contact. DSL installations become much more confused at times. If the primary telephone company in your area provided your DSL service, like my situation with SBC Yahoo providing cabling and Internet services, the situation looks much like the typical cable broadband situation. One provider, one contact. But the courts forced regional Bell companies like SBC (Southwestern Bell Telephone Company renamed) to support third-party DSL providers. This means another DSL service company, such as Darrell s DSL, relies on SBC to connect the physical wires; then Darrell s DSL takes care of the Internet service provider functions. Who do you call when there s a problem Call Darrell, but he may have to call SBC to get your problem xed. Where do broadband service providers have problems they must x Let me count the ways (and places) in Table 8-2.
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Table 8-2 Potential Trouble Spots in Broadband Service
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Problem E-mail server down Hosted Web servers down Location Central of ce Central of ce How Common Minutes per month Minutes per month Responsibility Service provider Service provider
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8 Examining Your Home Broadband Hookup
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Problem Router down between service and Internet Node to central of ce disconnected Spotty service between node and home Cable/DSL modem Network Interface Device failure Location Central of ce Node to central of ce Neighborhood Your home Wall of your house How Common Rare Rare Rare to constant Rare Rare
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Responsibility Service provider Physical cable install company Physical cable install company Owner of modem Physical cable install company
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Your job, when you have a service problem, is not to diagnose and explain exactly which piece of the network connection needs replacing or upgrading. Your job is to explain, clearly, logically, and politely, exactly what problems you are having. Take notes, with times and dates if problems are intermittent. Providers advertising their Service Level Agreements strive for uptime. Telephone companies getting into the Internet service provider business have a great advantage because they already have a large technical support staff in place to handle physical wiring problems anywhere in the network. Service providers may detail their demarcation point in the service contract somewhere, or they may not. A good rule of thumb is that if they installed it as part of your service, they are responsible for it.
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