Understanding Computer Security in .NET

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7 Understanding Computer Security
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If you re nervous about letting your computer do such things when you re asleep, you can turn off automatic updates. Do I trust Microsoft to make this work properly every time No. But I believe Microsoft is causing less harm with the automatic updates than they used to, and the potential harm from attack is a greater worry. But be sure and read 13 about backing up your data. Figure 7-3 shows you have three options for updates. You can be noti ed before any downloads start and give permission at your leisure. You can download the update les automatically and apply them at your leisure, or you can have Windows download and install them automatically.
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Figure 7-3: Make your choice for automatic updates.
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You reach the screen in Figure 7-3 by opening the Control Panel, and clicking the System icon. The Automatic Updates page tab is in the middle of the System Properties box that opens. On the left you can see the menu listing Windows Update just under the See Also heading. Clicking that opens the screen shown in Figure 7-2. You can also click Windows Update on the left-side menu in Control Panel. Microsoft encourages you to use automatic updates. So do most security experts. Other computer experts feel that mistakes in automatic updates will cause more problems than they solve. If you don t want to use automatic updates, at least run a backup and then manual updates on a regular basis.
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154 Part II Practicing Safe Broadband
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If you have only one or two computers, this process takes little or no time. If your business has a dozen or more computers, along with a server or three, time will become more of an issue. However, not updating operating systems might cause you to loose much more time sometime in the future. A dozen computers that need patching will make the investment in a management suite that pushed patches out without your intervention worthwhile.
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Update your virus protection
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Most modern antivirus software works by matching patterns in the virus program, called signatures, to a database of known viruses. Every time a new virus appears, the antivirus companies grab it, scan it for a recognizable signature, and add that new signature to their virus database. The only way you bene t from ongoing virus protection and installing a defense against new viruses is to keep your virus database up to date. It does no good to buy a virus program and never update the signature database. After a short time, you ll have no protection against the new viruses that appeared in the computer world after your purchase. If you don t trust your virus protection software, or are afraid you have a virus your software vendor has yet to gure out, take a look at HouseCall from Trend Micro (www.trendmicro.com). For personal use, Trend Micro provides an excellent virus-checking program, HouseCall, free for the downloading. Figure 7-4 shows the Trend Micro personal page. HouseCall is in the upper-right corner.
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Figure 7-4: Free is always good.
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7 Understanding Computer Security
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The program downloads a small client application but that won t take long. Running HouseCall gives you peace of mind and a quick way to double-check other virus protection routines you have in place. HouseCall does not leave a resident application running to watch all le activity, such as when you download a new le from the Internet. This is a nice service from Trend Micro, but it doesn t eliminate the need for a real-time virus monitoring application running on your PC at all times (and, of course, Trend Micro wants you to consider its products, and you should). If you don t have virus protection, get some. If you do have virus protection, check that you re still able to update your virus de nition database. Sometimes people miss or ignore the virus vendor s offers to extend licensing to get necessary updates. Those users think they re still safe because they see their virus application running. The software could well be running yet allow a virus access to your hard disk because the outdated database didn t recognize the new virus signature. Verify that your antivirus software includes e-mail application protection and use it to scan all incoming and outgoing e-mail. Because most viruses spread via e-mail, the more eyes watching for miscreant software the better. Do not rely on your ISPs e-mail scanning software alone unless you enjoy cleaning up virusridden computers.
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