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I didn t put Web sites in with downloaded les because some jerkwad/con artists now build fake Web sites to trick people. They do this do this grab your bank
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146 Part II Practicing Safe Broadband
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account passwords or credit card numbers; the trick is called phishing. Usually invited by a fake e-mail built to look like a notice from some trustworthy company, users go to the faux Web site and try to login or put in their credit card numbers for veri cation. These phishing Web sites often copy the real company Web site so closely you couldn t tell the difference unless you looked at the code behind the fa ade. By c the time you realize nothing happened after you put in your login name and password or credit card number, it s too late to erase the information from the Web site. And some of the phishers send a polite thank you for providing the information, just as the spoofed Web site would, to keep you from suspecting you ve been had. Don t provide any critical information to a Web site reached by clicking a link in an e-mail you didn t request. Why does this work Users click the Web site link within their e-mail message without thinking. And the phishers hide the real Web site name within a long, convoluted Web site address so it s hard to see.
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As bad as phishing is, that s not the only Web site problem waiting to trap the unwary. Two of the most serious viruses in the last few years, Code Red and the Nimda worm, often spread to unprotected computers when the Web browser application (Microsoft s Internet Explorer) visited Web sites. Yes, just visiting the wrong Web site can clobber your computer with viruses, worms, and even the electronic hives. (Okay, I made that one up.) Web sites run by known retailers, major vendors, and other reputable companies with a real-world reputation tend to be pretty close to worry free. Web sites run by unknown groups with no real-world counterpart vary greatly in quality and safety. Web sites mentioned in spam messages may not be actively trying to infect your computer, but cross your ngers. Any Web site referred by a spam message offering cheap software, free music downloads, or passes to pornographic sites does not have your best interests in mind.
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Even if you don t plan to go to questionable Web sites, you will by accident now and then. Many unscrupulous Web site developers register typo sites, placing pornography or worse on a Web site with a URL that differs by one letter from that of a major site. There are no absolute guidelines to distinguish a good Web site from a site full of hackers, virus mongers, and thieves ready to pounce. However, here s a list of suspicious details, each of which should make you slightly more wary and nervous. When enough details add up, bail out. So hit the eject button on a site that Has no contact information listed Reads like a direct mail advertisement
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7 Understanding Computer Security
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Offers the traditional too good to be true products or services
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Pushes obviously illegal products, such as new hit songs or current released movies for download Bombards you with pop-up ads Contains a high number of typos, misspellings, and syntax errors (because those of us married to English teachers nd that wrong in several ways) Feels odd, even if you can t say exactly why If you don t want to suffer through the security holes (well-documented in virus circles) of Microsoft s Internet Explorer that allows Visual Basic programs to make changes in other Microsoft applications, you can try a different Web browser. Netscape and Mozilla were mentioned a bit earlier because they include excellent e-mail applications. The best other third-party Web browser, according to many sources, is the Opera Web Browser for Windows (www.opera.com), which offers a free version with ads in the upper-right corner of the application, or a paid (ad-free) version. Keep a good real-time virus scanning program loaded if you surf into odd and seedy Web neighborhoods on a regular basis. Just as some bad parts of town strongly suggest the need for a bodyguard, so do some parts of the Web.
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