Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You in .NET

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104 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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Figure 5-3: Another large trial getting to work, this one in Palo Alto, CA.
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75percent of the population of the state of Utah. The following list shows the gures for Utopia: Total population: 723,933 Total households: 248,791 Total businesses: 34,580 The details about UTOPIA (the one in Utah, not the idyllic land) can be seen at They may claim the prize as largest project by far, if the numbers all check out and the plan doesn t crash and burn. Cities are nding they must offer modern communications links, just as they must offer good schools, fair taxes, and a low crime rate. Developers must not show potential, say, warehouse clients only a site with easy access to highways and rail roads, but also high-speed communications networks. Fiber to the Home isn t quite a commodity everyone expects to have, but it may reach that point in this decade. A good trend for Fiber to the Home is that some of the major telephone companies are deciding to join them rather always than ght them (in court). BellSouth, SBC, and Verizon adopted a set of common technical requirements for implementing Fiber to the Home. Only 10 percent of all business in the United States currently have access to a ber-based Internet service provider.
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5 Emerging Broadband Service Options
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And those little farm towns that had ber back when your cable picture was still fuzzy They re rocking along. Kutztown, Pennsylvania, has over 5,000 people, and supports the Kutztown University. Huxley, Iowa, is gradually replacing the copper pairs from the phone company to with ber connections for each of the 600 customers in town. The Fiber to the Home Council counts 94 communities in 16 states up and running toward Fiber to the Home. Size ranges obviously swing to both extremes and cover from a few hundred to nearly a million customers.
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Fast. How fast Faster than you imagined the rst time. Speed estimates run from 10 Mbps (like old-fashioned Ethernet coax cable supported) to gigabits per second. Which do you believe Yeah, me too. Early project customers will be lucky to get 10 Mbps connections at all. There may be a time when you and I have a choice between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps (GigaBit), but I doubt either of us will have a chance for even 100 Mbps during these next few years. In fairness to the Fiber to the Home proponents, the choice between 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps means an enormous increase in costs. Higher speeds force the use of more expensive equipment up and down the network. Realistically, putting all the foundation equipment in place for 10 Mbps will cost a fortune for high-end optical cards, memory, and network switches. Our best hope for Fiber to the Home is to eagerly buy 10 Mbps connections to get the project rolling and pro table, and let the providers upgrade components over time to higher speeds. Everything, as always, depends on the service providers and how fast they want to take their customers down the broadband road. But if they want to open the throttles and let people have super broadband, I m all for that.
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Once installed, ber cable doesn t suffer from electromagnetic interference no matter how many other cables are around it. And, if your electric dog fence shorts out when wet, the broadband over ber services will stay up despite the rain. Fiber to the Home won t cause any reliability problems and in fact will prevent quite a few. Any problems will be at the remote node point or more rarely in the central of ce where the various service providers make their connections. Problems there may affect many customers, lending urgency to troubleshooting. Although tiny and thin, a single strand of ber optic cable can withstand a fair amount of torture by being wrapped in strong insulation. Conduits are great and probably necessary for protection, and you can stuff in all the other wires for a
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