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One research report counts over 400,000 Fiber to the Home connections with paying customers worldwide, but only 50,000 are in the United States.
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There are four types of Fiber to the Home wiring options. Each leans toward one feature or another, such as less ber cable needed or easy access for competitive service providers. Home Run Fiber, also known as Point-to-Point or Single Star Architecture: Each ber connection for each customer runs all the way back the central of ce. This requires the most ber cable and the most optical termination equipment at the central of ce, but also offers the most exibility for service providers located at the central of ce. Active Star: Remote nodes with active electronics support from four to 1,000 customers and link via a shared feeder ber optic cable back to the central of ce. This option offers less bandwidth and exibility for each user. Passive Optical Network (PON): Similar to the Active Star but with only a passive splitter at the remote node rather than an active switch. Saves the setup ber cable runs and is less expensive due to lack of switches at the remote node collection points. Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON): Similar to the Passive Optical Network described previously, but with more wavelengths on each ber cable to increase bandwidth and provide more service provider exibility. However, this raises the cost of the ber used and the electronics needed to light those bers for data communications. Building the network with home-runs from each central of ce to each customer would cost too much to be palatable in the near term. Because municipal ber network projects for customer broadband access piggyback off municipal needs for ber connections around the city, the local government will dictate the network architecture. Cities or public utilities build a ber network backbone around the area to connect and control services, such as the electric utility, water and sewer controls, or traf c signals.
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5 Emerging Broadband Service Options
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Once the ber gets back to the central of ce (or head-end if you prefer), different providers can offer their services. Each provider has its own services to offer, but all go to the customer over the one ber to each customer. Think of this like one road leads to your house, and you choose whether FedEx or UPS brings special packages to you.
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More American fortunes have come from some form of public media than any other source, if I remember one of the economic experts correctly. It doesn t take a stretch of the imagination to believe that statement when you look around at all the television and radio stations. See any going broke The companies leveraging those publicly allocated monopolies (frequencies) for their own products, like record companies, advertising agencies, television production studios, and major sports leagues seem to gather money like dryers gather lint. Count the telephone companies in as a publicly allocated monopoly as well, even though they get right of way for their wires rather than a frequency for their TV stations. Whenever large piles of money gather, large companies, lawyers, and the government regulators gather as well. Fiber to the Home exacerbates confusion because one tiny ber cable can carry all the television, radio, and telephone connections in the city to the customer. Do you regulate Fiber to the Home as cable TV As a telephone company Is it still regulated as cable TV if the cable company offers telephone service over that link This can get messy. The push for municipalities and public utility districts to lay the foundation for Fiber to the Home ran smack into the lawyers and lobbyists for phone companies and television conglomerates. Four cases so far have been bumped up to the Supreme Court. Three cases resulted in favor of letting municipalities run the ber network and sell retail services, directly or wholesale, the bandwidth required to let third-party service providers sell the services over the municipal network. One case went against the rights of municipalities to provide retail or wholesale telecommunications services. According to Lightwave Magazine (, as of December 2003, the following organizations were delivering Fiber to the Home: Competitive local exchanges (45.3 percent) Municipalities (20.4 percent) Developers (16.7 percent) Public utility districts (11.6 percent) Incumbent local exchange carriers (5.6 percent) Regional Bell operating companies (0.4 percent) Frankly, I m a bit surprised at the high number of customers serviced by Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (new telephone companies) and
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