www.broadbandreports.com, shown in Figure 3-3, makes for fascinating in .NET

Printer QR Code in .NET www.broadbandreports.com, shown in Figure 3-3, makes for fascinating
www.broadbandreports.com, shown in Figure 3-3, makes for fascinating
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reading, especially if you want to go through the forums and see how your fellow citizens have been treated by broadband service providers in the past. Don t try and pick out a good provider based on just this feedback, however, because the same provider will get cheers from one person and jeers from the next. But do look at the ways customers have convinced their service providers to x their problems and try them yourself when necessary.
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Figure 3-3: A site that offers reviews of broadband service providers.
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One thing you must remember is that your broadband service provider becomes your ISP. If your current ISP adds broadband service, you can probably upgrade
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3 Types of Broadband Providers
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with them and change nothing about your e-mail, name servers, personal Web pages, or support contacts. If your current ISP doesn t offer broadband service, or you re looking to go to broadband because you hate your ISP, make a note of the following details. You don t need an answer for every item before you change, but the more you plan ahead the less hair pulling you ll do later. Take a look at Table 3-3 to see what I consider important.
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Table 3-3 Service Provider Feature Recommendations
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Features to check E-mail My recommendations Enough addresses for everyone on your network, plus a couple for future use. Web-based e-mail, virus and spam lters are nearly standard from good providers No limit to online connection hours Dynamic or static One or more Enough space for your needs, support for popular Web design tools like FrontPage, and enough allowed bandwidth for the traf c you expect Full read and write access to majority of Usenet groups Online and telephone options, with either a local or toll free call. 24x7 support may come in handy one day
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Connection times IP Addresses Personal Web site
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Newsgroups Technical Support
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You may not agree with my recommendations, and that s ne. But be sure you consider your own recommendations before you sign the service provider contract. You have much more leverage before you sign than after.
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Real estate agents know this joke: What are the three most important things about broadband availability Location, location, and location. DSL requires physical wires to connect to each client. Building out those huge bundles of twisted pair wiring took the telephone companies over a half century of constant work. For cost saving purposes, phone companies looked for ways to support more users while building fewer central of ces. They started putting extension units out in the neighborhoods and business districts called remote terminals. Sometimes these look like cabinets sitting by the side of the road. They started by using T1 connections back to the central of ce, but for the last couple of decades have used ber optic cables. Remote terminals reset the distance limit to customers out of reach of the central of ce. My home, for example, is over 35,000 feet away from the central
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64 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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of ce. No DSL for me for years, until SBC added a remote terminal somewhere in the area. Now I can get high bandwidth ADSL without a problem. There is a problem with many of the older remote terminals, however. The phone companies originally used what s called a Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) to provide the signal boost. They did this before DSL development, which meant (life being the way it is) that the DLCs blocked DSL.
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Tech Bits
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Digital Loop Carrier blocks were serious impediments to early DSL rollout efforts. At one time, over 50 percent of all U.S. homes and businesses had a DLC between them and their central of ce, blocking DSL for them. ISDN worked, but not ADSL.
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G.Lite, as I mentioned back a few pages, gured a way around these DSL roadblocks. So have some ADSL product vendors who are claiming their networks run faster and jump higher than G.Lite. Phone companies are working to upgrade their old repeaters and put in place new DSL-friendly circuits, but the cost is high and sometimes someone (like the Federal Communications Commission on several occasions) has to nudge them to keep them moving. Depending on which survey you believe, either 70 percent or 90 percent of all U.S. homes and businesses are now within the reach of some type of DSL service provider. The phone companies are begging off universal broadband service, even though they ve taxed us on every phone bill for decades to support universal telephone service. Whether the phone companies will be forced to consider broadband telephone service that must be universally supported will be the subject of high political drama over the next few years. Can you call and demand the phone company get DSL out to your location Sure you can call, but it will have no effect. Phone companies put new remote terminals and upgrade old repeaters in areas willing to buy DSL service in large numbers. Put your name on their call when you have DSL list and encourage every person in the neighborhood to do the same, and maybe you ll get lucky. Location, location, location.
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