Wrapping yourself in the game world in .NET

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Wrapping yourself in the game world
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Few technologies are more engrossing and exclusionary than a good game. When I rst saw the groundbreaking Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, the parts that scared me the most were the sound effects. The large steel doors that opened and closed in Castle Wolfenstein echoed with a surround sound that made it sound like they were opening behind me. That they managed that effect with the cheap PC soundcards and speakers at the time still surprises me. Gamers spend hundreds of dollars on video cards to replace the ones you and I happily use, in order to get the highest resolution and the fastest screen-drawing times. Check out some of the game sites listed in the next section, and you will be amazed at the realism and depth of the game environment. You don t have to sign up for a paid service just to view screenshots and movies taken from actual game play, and those will be enough to show you that game effects now equal movie special effects. Developers work with hardware designers to try and get physical impact into games. Even inexpensive handheld controllers vibrate to warn the players. Over the years, companies sold packs to strap on the players backs with speakers inside to shake them up and special chairs with surround sound and quaking
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1 Why You Need Broadband Internet Access
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cushions to re ect driving over rough ground. These expensive options don t tend to stay on the market for long, but new ones always appear. Parents who are afraid that their gamer children exercise only their thumbs may check into some of the new interactive game additions. A few companies are selling cameras that mount on the TV and capture physical player movements and translate those into character moves in the game. Let your child physically ail around ghting some demons and they ll get into shape again. Somehow, I doubt the chance for physical workout will attract too many gamers. For me, ever since the rst time I saw (and heard those steel doors in Castle Wolfenstein), sound provides the best immersion tool. Broadband offers higher quality music than dialup by a considerable margin. The difference in music is about the same as the difference between a cheap AM transistor radio and a modern FM home stereo. Get a better sound card, and get better speakers. You can spend as much on surround-sound speakers for your computer as you can for your home theater. Although I don t advocate that outlay, moving up to a ve-speaker system for at least $100 will make a huge sonic difference. Even the game consoles like PlayStation and X-Box support surround-sound speaker systems. Are games intruding into everyday life Radio@AOL has a channel with nothing but the music from the Final Fantasy game series. Even when gamers can t play, they can keep their ears in the game.
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The most popular games
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Warning, if you re new to the gaming world, popular online games take money. You must subscribe to play. And you thought only pornography made money on the Internet. The choice of broadband type and other connection details will have no effect on your choice of games. Gamers play certain games for a variety of reasons, some of them innocent and some no doubt based in horrible neuroses foisted upon them by bad parenting. When your kids tell you that, explain to them all the violence in the game world has rotted their brains and they need to take up tennis to get fresh air and exercise. Don t let them tell you Topspin on the X-Box is the same as real tennis. Your gamer will, when you hook up to broadband, begin playing multiplayer games across the Internet. These go by a variety of acronyms made from some set of the words Massive Online Player Universe and the like. Entire worlds exist for the big games, including people, places, weapons, and monsters never seen in real life (thank goodness, if you ve seen some of those weapons and monsters). There are too many games to list them all. Understand that even a relatively unpopular game may have a hundred thousand fans playing the game online now and then.
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