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Quick hit: Example sites
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For just the webcam but not the videophone feature, the Linksys folks have a nice new product, shown in Figure 1-7. It also bypasses the need for a wire to reach your network. Any place you have electrical power, you can have a webcam.
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Figure 1-7: Webcam with wired and wireless network connections (used in Figure 1-5). www.earthcam.com
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This site shows some interesting webcam sites, including an of ce in Tehran and antcam.com.
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Weather cams galore.
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1 Why You Need Broadband Internet Access
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This is the company that made the cameras for the check-cashing monitoring project. It also sells many of the traf c cameras and cameras used in other public places.
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One of the rst companies to offer VoIP products to the consumer and small business market.
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Broadband Gaming
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I remember Pong with great fondness. Two lines and a blip ate many of my quarters. Comparing Pong to modern games gives me the same feeling of amazement as looking at the rst Volkswagen Beetle and a new Ferrari. Yes, they re the same thing, more or less, but they re a long, long way apart. Today I no longer need to stand next to my gaming partner, each of us holding the knob on the Pong arcade game unit, to have a shared game experience. Today I can sit at home and be mercilessly slaughtered by a trigger-happy 10-year-old in Cleveland over the Internet. If you are a gamer, or are the long-suffering parent of a gamer, you are familiar with the excitement and addiction awaiting those new to the world of modern gaming. Gamers push the boundaries of computer technology constantly and buy the newest, fastest, and most expensive hardware on the market. In a time where a complete corporate workstation costs less than $2,000, gamers might spend $3,000 and more on their systems. Gamers love broadband connections for two primary reasons. First, downloading takes a fraction of the time it takes with a dial-up connection. Gamers download new games, new modules for older games, and demos of upcoming games constantly. Second, a faster network connection means faster interactive game playing online. If you have a child gamer and you have broadband, you ll always know where he (perhaps a stereotype, but the gamer is usually male) is. He will be at home, playing over the Internet.
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Game play requirements
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Besides the most expensive PC systems on the market, what do game players need More speed, always more speed. Latency, the technical term for the time lag between when a command is given and the results take effect, is the enemy of gamers everywhere. The Internet, as you will learn later, consists of networks linked to networks linked to networks. It is, technically, a network of networks.
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24 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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Every connection between networks is a potential bottleneck. The good thing about broadband service providers is that they tend to be the large companies and their customer networks have direct connections to other large customer networks. The Internet backbone is the highest level of network where all the largest networks connect. Some service providers offer a special package for game players. This includes an extra IP network address so gamers can be online playing without blocking another family member on another computer from an Internet connection. This type of arrangement used to be special, but now many service providers automatically provide a network router for connecting more than one computer in the home or of ce to the Internet. But check with your service provider to ensure it supports a game console connection if that s the platform of choice for your gamer. Using a network router between your computer and the modem provided by the service provider offers a great troubleshooting option: resetting the cable/DSL modem. When the going gets gummy, resetting the broadband modem (unplug it, wait for 60 seconds, then plug it in again) forces a new connection. Just like a telephone call sometimes has static, a network connection can get the digital equivalent of static. Resetting the broadband modem helps clear that problem, making a separate broadband modem an important piece of gear for gamers. More detailed information on game-speci c con guration of routers, rewalls, and proxies await you in 11. If you don t know what routers, rewalls, or proxies are, but fear you need them, don t worry, I ve got your back.
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