Checking on your provider s performance in .NET

Encoding Quick Response Code in .NET Checking on your provider s performance
Checking on your provider s performance
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People loooooove speed. NASCAR s big, the 100 Yard Dash (okay, 100 Meter Dash) fascinates us at track meets, and Andy Roddick hit a serve 150 mph (241.4 kmph) at the 2004 Davis Cup First Round in Connecticut on February 6. And broadband users love their speed, too, which is why they want to test it and verify it all the time. The largest collection of speed tests I can nd on the Internet is at BroadbandReports ( They have collected over 220 speed tests available for free, and have other tests and monitoring services available for a small fee.
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Figure 18-13: Identifying all the hops and skips between your computer and a remote host.
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Of course, there s always a disclaimer. Speeds from much distance across the Internet are more a test of the bottleneck situation than of true speed. That s why I picked a speed test fairly close to me. Take a look at Figure 18-14 to see my speed test on a Sunday afternoon. I found this test site by going to Broadband Reports, and clicking the Tests and Tools left menu. The resulting screen has a button at the top labeled Speed Tests. One of the major Internet portals, CNet, also offers a speed test. They aren t near me so I gured the speed would show up slower than the closer test site. See Figure 18-15 to see how much slower. Not quite as fast, is it Conditions on the Internet change quickly, but most important, the more hops you go through the more chance for delay. Just like when you drive across town and catch traf c lights, isn t it Except in the real world our delays are measured in quarters of an hour, not hundreds of a second.
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Quick hit: Example sites
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Here are a few speed test sites you might check out:
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18 Troubleshooting Internet Access Problems
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Figure 18-14: The test results from
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Figure 18-15: A remote test from Cnet.
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99 more tests:
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When All Else Fails
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What happens when you know your broadband service provider has a problem and can t (or won t) x it You don t have too many other options, but you do have some. Get local experts to help. Every city and town has networking experts available. They may be able to offer ways around your problem, or they may know of other service providers who have a better service record. Start replacing equipment. Your broadband provider should supply your cable/DSL modem (for free or a few dollars per month) and suspect devices should be replaced. If your router seems to ght with your cable/DSL modem, you can try another router. That s the kind of service that a local consultant or network expert can provide using a test router so you don t have to buy one. If worst comes to worst, you can change your broadband service provider. This isn t fun, but you have little choice. If you re using DSL, another independent DSL reseller may have better luck getting the local phone company to do its job. Or you may need to contract with the phone company directly. Don t pay for bad service. If you can t get what you need from your current provider, switch and don t feel bad. They didn t feel bad messing you around, so you shouldn t feel bad waving goodbye.
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Bad service makes everyone mad. Bad customer service makes everyone even madder. But mad, angry customers don t get good customer service from anyone. Before calling customer service, go through the reboot procedures for all devices. Check your settings. Understand that the Internet sometimes clogs up, like any other highway, and give things a few minutes to settle down before calling technical support. Make sure the problem is not on your side of the broadband connection before calling technical support. And even when the tech asks you to do things you ve already done, do them anyway because for some reason that often helps. When you re having a problem with your service provider, take it easy, focus on what you really want, and keep that goal in mind. Customer service ineptitude
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