Figure 14-7: It s a router for wireless connections with a router built in for wired connections. in .NET

Creator QR Code JIS X 0510 in .NET Figure 14-7: It s a router for wireless connections with a router built in for wired connections.
Figure 14-7: It s a router for wireless connections with a router built in for wired connections.
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A small router with one or more Ethernet connections for the local network can do a good job for a single home user and do the same good job for a small
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14 Wired Connection Options
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business with 20 or 25 people. You won t nd, with any of today s products, that your router is your network bottleneck. Save that blame for your broadband service provider, because they are the weakest link in the performance chain.
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HomePlug: Networking through Your Power Outlets
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Walk into a typical but empty home as if it was a foreign world and guess how the occupants communicate. Phone jacks come to mind, and there are phone jacks in several rooms. Water Only a few places in the house. Gas The lines only go to the kitchen and the garage for the water heater. Heating and air conditioning vents They go to every room, which is a good sign. Electrical plugs Hey, they re all over the place and in every room. Many rooms, especially in homes built in the last 20 years or so, have at least one plug on every wall. If I were doing a survey for the StarGate team, I d bet the power plugs were critical to all sorts of life activities, including communications. Guess what Those little plugs are valuable to communications. The world of HomePlug vendors wants you to take a close look at how many ways they can help you network your home or small business. You might think this was one of those head-slap moments where something easy had been overlooked. Unfortunately, running high-speed data services over electrical circuits is not easy. Problems with interference from other things plugged in, such as motors that introduce an enormous amount of noise into the circuits, stymied vendors for years. Circuit breakers used to cut a huge chunk of the signal every time one was in the direct path between devices. What made HomePlug possible, oddly enough, were all the advances made in wireless and DSL technologies. By applying things learned from developing those methods of communications, the HomePlug vendors nally made reliable networking a reality through the humble electrical plug hiding under your desk and behind your dresser.
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HomePlug overview
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You might want to think of HomePlug devices as a translator, or bridge. They translate Ethernet signals from 10/100Base-T twisted pair wiring into signals that the electrical circuits can transport. HomePlug devices turn your electrical wires into a new physical media that Ethernet can traverse. Of cial HomePlug speed is 14 Mbps, so if you get half that on a good day count yourself lucky. In fact, half of any Mbps rated speed using TCP/IP at the client (such as a computer on a local network) tops out as the best possible realistic speed you will receive, so I m not picking on HomePlug. Figure 14-8 shows the best place to go and get information on the world of HomePlug.
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380 Part IV Linking Your Network Devices
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Figure 14-8: The Web home of the of cial HomePlug Powerline Alliance.
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If you remember way back in the DSL section, the transmission technique used is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). This is also used by television signals, which is why I say that HomePlug designers looked around and choose reliable, proven ways to send Ethernet over power lines. To handle the odd nature of running over 120 volts of AC, HomePlug uses burst mode transmissions and adds some other data transmission techniques.
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Tech Bits
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You MUST plug all HomePlug equipment directly into the wall plug. Do not use an extension cord or plug strip of any kind. The only way for the HomePlug devices to work is to be connected directly to the home or of ce wiring.
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HomePlug devices connect to personal computers via Ethernet patch cables or USB connections. When using Ethernet, most HomePlug devices appear as a normal Ethernet connection to computers and other network devices. The USB connections need some type of driver (in almost every case) to connect the computer to the HomePlug network. CDs with appropriate drivers accompany the HomePlug hardware. The majority of HomePlug devices look like one-port wiring hubs: one Ethernet cable in on one side, one power line going out from the other side. Some of the newer models look like battery-eliminators (wall warts) that plug directly into the power line and have a plug in the housing for your Ethernet (or USB) cable. Figure 14-9 shows an early entrant into the market from Linksys.
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