Tools that rebuild systems quickly in .NET

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Tools that rebuild systems quickly
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Many back-up software packages restore data to only working systems. That means if your hard disk goes psycho and you must reformat it, you must go through a full operating system installation before you can restore your data. Some software back-up applications make what s called a disk image rather than a copy of the les. A disk image is the exact copy of everything on the hard disk you can save as one giant le for copying to the hard disk, if necessary. One new product from Acronis, Inc., ( covers both the backup and disk image angle. True Image 7.0 enables you to recover the full system image or pick and choose certain les to restore. Figure 13-17 shows the opening True Image 7.0 screen. The two leading applications in this market, by most accounts, were Norton Ghost and PowerQuest Drive Image. But Symantec bought both companies over the past couple of years, and whether Symantec keeps the two competing products is up to the powers that be at Symantec.
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354 Part III Moving from Standalone PCs to a Network
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Figure 13-17: A new contender in the disk imaging market.
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Acronis, Inc. Used with permission.
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Creating a disk image is one thing, but making it possible to rebuild a crashed system means you need some way to boot the system. True Image 7.0 includes options to create a variety of bootable media, including DVDs. This addition is handy, because copying most disk images to CD-ROMs requires you to burn several disks to get the entire image. DVDs, with over 4.5GB of space, stand a much better chance of putting a complete system image (especially when compressed) onto one disk. Remember that many of the details inside Windows operating systems, especially Windows XP, are tied to the exact system where they were installed. You can t take a disk image of one computer and overlay another computer s hard disk with that image, because the underlying computer details wouldn t match, and Windows XP won t work properly. If you partition your disk and keep the applications and data separate, you have much less problem restoring a complete data set to a computer, even if that computer is a different one from whence the data came. But even with this method in your toolkit, it is handy at times to have a way to restore an operating system back to a known good point. Acronis True Image 7.0 can do that, and gives you plenty of exibility for storing the disk image and booting the system as well.
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Data retention rules for businesses
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Storage issues create enough headaches under normal circumstances, but new federal rules for data retention are making life even more miserable. Not only must you keep all types of electronic data now, you have to be able to produce that data within 24 hours.
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13 Backup and Disaster Recovery
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Worse, there are con icting requirements between federal and state laws, although various government branches argue among themselves and catch businesses in the middle. There are two phrases that strike fear in many business hearts lately: HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. The rst covers medical record privacy, including retention, and the second covers business records. Here s how long you must keep records of various types (at least a best guess): Permanently: Audit reports Cash books Deeds and mortgages Retirement and pension plans Insurance records Labor contracts Tax returns Almost forever: Employee medical records (30 years after last day of employment) 8 years: Bank statements Paychecks 7 years: Accounts payable Purchase orders Sales records Voucher payments Withholding tax 6 years: Payroll records 3 years: Employment applications Notice that electronic mail records must be kept if they discuss any of the items in the preceding lists. Because those items cover just about every business topic most people may every use, which means your e-mail must be kept just about forever. Even instant messages now fall under the umbrella of electronic communications which must be kept, just like e-mail. One might think these laws are made by hard disk vendors and back-up application developers.
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