DHCP server settings in .NET

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DHCP server settings
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Connect your router running your DHCP service to the cable/DSL modem. This causes the fewest problems, and that way your DHCP server gets the DNS server
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296 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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addresses provided by your service provider directly from the cable/DSL modem. That means the DNS addresses provided to your clients won t have to be con gured (by you) in your DHCP server settings.
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For clients
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Figure 12-1 shows the DHCP server section of a Netgear WGT624 wireless (802.11g) router and rewall. Netgear sells many products through retail, and you can see this router provides plenty of helpful information on the screen where you must put that information to use.
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Figure 12-1: Menu on the left, con guration screen in the middle, help information on the right.
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Because the Netgear puts its DHCP server settings under Advanced LAN IP Setup, the screen includes some networking options not found in older routers. But when you read the help information on the right part of the screen, Netgear tells you to leave the two Routing Information Protocol (RIP) settings at their defaults unless told otherwise by your broadband service provider, because you will almost never have to specify which version of the protocol used to communicate between routers (RIP) on your broadband network. Most routers don t consider DHCP service as part of the Advanced network sections. Providing IP addresses for clients on a small network ranks as one of the most important functions for routers in this market, so they put the DHCP functions under an easily found label on their con guration screens.
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12 What You Need to Know About TCP/IP Networks
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One storage appliance/router, the Tritton ASAP, adds an interesting touch to its DHCP services. Like many routers in this market, the Tritton includes four Ethernet 10/100 Base-T ports to plug in computers directly or wiring hubs from existing networks. That s pretty normal. But the Tritton adds a way to assign different IP client address ranges to each of the four Ethernet connections. Look at Figure 12-2 to see what I mean.
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Figure 12-2: Different IP address settings available for each Ethernet connection.
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Notice the default lease time for each IP address: 360 minutes. That s the default for the Tritton device, but that s a shorter time period than any other DHCP server I ve tested. Set your DHCP Address Lease Time to at least one full day. Many broadband service providers reset your cable/DSL modem every day or two, and if new information is provided to your router you want the clients to receive that information fairly quickly. Some clients, networks, and applications have trouble with short DHCP leases, however. If clients disconnect from servers, or act weird in other ways, lengthen the DHCP lease time to a week and see if that helps. Some DHCP routers allow you to set lease times as long as 999 days, so check out your model.
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298 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
For broadband connections
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Your DHCP settings for the router connected to your cable/DSL modem can receive con guration details from your service provider. That s the smart way to con gure your router so network changes are passed to your client(s) whenever they join the network. The Kanguru iNAS-100 has a nice connection screen with good detail. Figure 12-3 shows the Wide Area Network (WAN) con guration, which controls how the router connects to the cable/DSL modem. Your broadband service provider will tell you whether to use PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) or DHCP (see more information in the Connection Options to Your Service Provider section later in this chapter). Either option used for connecting to your service provider will still provide the DNS server addresses (the servers that translate IP addresses into host names) for your router to pass along to your clients.
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Figure 12-3: Notice the DNS Server IP address listing at the bottom of the screen.
This screen shows the WAN connection, but in the Kanguru NAS/router this is where you nd the DNS server IP addresses. Notice there are two DNS server names. Fault tolerance in DNS name servers means the difference between sur ng the Web easily or being locked out of the Web if your only DNS server drops of ine or you can t reach it anymore. Having two DNS servers listed makes it easy for your client to keep going if one DNS server is out of touch. Did you notice the gateway IP address makes no sense based on my lab network That s because that address shows the gateway IP address on the
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