Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network in .NET

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248 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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little more than phase out warranty support for an obsolete (by two newer major operating system releases) operating system. Bottom line: Upgrade your computer hardware and software for the most fun and best possible computing experience with your new broadband Internet access.
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Why others say to upgrade
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I said several things in the previous paragraph, so you can count those as an others argument. But I found the following additional reasons for upgrading during my research. Windows 98 is essentially only a pretty face on a DOS foundation. Critical system components, such as memory space, are severely limited. Did you know every running program in Windows 98 must ght to register application details in an address space on 64KB in size That s not MB or GB, that s KB. When that memory space gets full, you get error messages about lack of memory even though you may have a gigabyte of RAM in your computer. That gigabyte doesn t increase that 64KB address space one nibble. You get more for your money if you upgrade your operating system by buying a new computer. Retail prices for Windows XP Home and XP Professional software only range from $100 to $300 per computer. You can get a pretty good brand name system for $400 $600, including the operating system. Windows 2000 and Windows XP do not rely on these DOS underpinnings and that explains one of the best reasons why they are more reliable and run longer before demanding a reboot. Here s a list of more upgrade justi cations: Newer application software will not run on older operating systems. This chance of obsolescence increases with every new application released. Particularly at risk are audio and video applications that take plenty of computer horsepower to run. USB 2.0 devices can t be added unless you buy a special hardware card and insert it into your computer. More applications added to the system (not running, just installed) bloat the registry and slow down the computer. The hardware interface options for Windows 98 computers are Industrial Standard Architecture (ISA), de ned by PC vendors in the very early 1980s. Expansion slots won t support the newer Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) cards almost all vendors sell today. I m not sure you can even buy an ISA expansion card manufactured this century. Adding larger hard drives may be impossible because of Basic Input Output System (BIOS) limitations in the older computers.
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11 What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking
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New memory for upgrades (to support a newer operating system on an older PC) are harder to nd. Worse, BIOS restrictions affect total system memory as well as hard disk sizes. Available memory will jump in price as manufacturers concentrate on newer memory connection types not supported by the older hardware. Add my voice to this list. Upgrade if you can at all, in any way, justify the expense and effort. You don t have to upgrade to Windows. You can buy Linux desktop operating systems for as little as the cost of shipping on up to around $100 depending on included applications. You can get a pretty decent computer, including a Linux operating system, for $200 that will take full advantage of your new broadband Internet access as well as be the operating system and application equivalent of Windows XP with Microsoft Of ce thrown in.
Reasons not to upgrade your Windows 9x/ME computer
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If you want to avoid the expense or effort of upgrading, you may need some justi cations of your own. I m nothing if not fair and balanced (okay, I m biased in some ways, but I try to warn you), so here s the rest of the story. Microsoft lists many reasons to upgrade that I don t agree will bene t most readers of this book because of security issues. I don t believe remote desktop control over the Internet and le access control to your computer les really make sense based on Microsoft s poor security record guarding against malicious intruders. Both these options leave open holes that expose at least a portion of your computer to the Internet, and I feel there are better options for both situations. Microsoft also makes claims about performance that I don t necessarily buy. When Windows XP came out there was great confusion about whether Microsoft s performance-enhanced claims could be veri ed. New hardware improvements make larger new operating systems seem faster than the replaced software until you put the old software on exactly the same hardware as the operating system. I never saw a de nitive answer concerning across-the-board desktop performance increases I could trust. Some areas of the operating system ran faster, but some did not. Call it at worst a draw, although upgrades in the Windows XP (SP1) may have improved performance enough to make the claims legitimate. Maybe. The best and nal answer for your situation, and your choice to avoid the expense and effort of upgrading, is that you like the way things are working now. In sports, you don t change your game when you re winning. If you re happy with the applications on your computer and the function of that computer, you can just stay where you are.
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