Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network in .NET

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226 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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Figure 10-8: New look on the left, old look on the right.
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Some of you are wondering how the Linksys operating system survives the replacement of the primary disk that ships with the unit. Good question, and that would be a problem, normally. But Linksys engineers built its operating system into a ROM chip and placed that on the system motherboard. When the unit gets power, the chip wakes and supplies the necessary information to the disk drive(s) as they boot. Linksys also includes a print server on its NAS boxes. There isn t enough administration and control over the print server, but it does come in handy at times. Are these the only NAS appliances Absolutely not. But many of the others lean toward the high end, far outside the budget of home and small business customers. And it appears there will be more vendors, rather than fewer, as hard drive prices drop and users realize the value of NAS appliances.
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Turning an old computer into a server
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What do you do with an old personal computer You can always turn it into a server for the rest of the computers on the network. You might wonder if an old computer, too old to handle the applications you need to run, can be useful as a le server. Absolutely. The reason you upgraded your computer was because the demands of the operating system s graphical
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user interface grew too heavy. That, and the applications gained in size and complexity and you got tired of waiting for screen updates. I promise your le speed had nothing to do with changing your computer. Even a fairly old computer can make a good le server. And with the prices of hard disks dropping still, putting a 120GB disk into an old computer to turn it into a le server will cost around a $100. Depending on the type of software you want, that and a few minutes of con guration time may be all you spend on the system.
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Using Windows networking
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All versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 3.11 for Networks include the ability to share resources with other computers on the network. It s not great networking, and it s not particularly secure networking, but with the right con guration it will work pretty well. One big advantage of making an extra computer the new centralized server is that no one will be using the server machine for regular day-to-day work. When you don t ask Windows to do anything on a computer except share some les, its reliability goes up considerably. Windows XP Home and XP Professional make sharing les easier than ever. They even provide a Shared Documents folder front and center whenever you open My Computer. Figure 10-9 shows the Sharing Document Properties dialog box open for the Shared Documents folder.
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Figure 10-9: You can open the window on the right by going through Sharing and Security or through Properties.
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228 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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The explanations in the dialog box work well. Check the rst box, in the middle of the dialog box, to share the Shared Documents folder. Microsoft does well to tell you other users of that computer will see that folder, as will everyone using Windows networking protocols on your network. Notice the second check box under the Share name text box Microsoft gives you two options for le access: read-only, or read/write. That s how computer people put it, but Microsoft includes the nontechnical explanation. They don t do a good job explaining that the rst Share check box will only let people read the les as supposed to make changes, but you can t get everything when you are dealing with software. Similarly, shared printers attached to this computer will be seen by the network users as well. This set up makes it easy to share a printer around the network by hanging one off your old system.
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