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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a rock-solid method of putting les on a remote server or getting les from a remote server. This protocol does the undercover transfer work when you download les using your Web browser.
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218 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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Judging the high-end features, Magnia includes an e-mail server that collects e-mail from the Internet and makes it available to your client computer but not a public Web server. Backups can be done offsite, a huge plus for business users. Not a complete 10, but pretty close. Pricing (as I write this) ranges from pretty good to almost high. The Magnia 25 goes for $899 without the wireless option, and the Magnia 30 goes for $1499 without the wireless option. Add $100 to each price for the wireless card. This puts the Toshiba pricing in a strongly competitive range for the features it includes.
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Procom Taurus
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Some products and their companies disappear (like Rebel and their Netwinder), some get eaten (as Sun gobbled and discontinued Cobalt) and some products get a second chance after the company disappears. The Procom Technology ( Taurus is an upgrade of an earlier system by Celestix. Hard to miss the distinctive shape and the large LCD screen that you can see in Figure 10-2.
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Figure 10-2: Not a computerized toaster but an all-in-one server.
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A complete Web and e-mail server suitable for Internet use, the Procom Taurus also includes Wi-Fi support. In fact, the company calls it wireless storage as
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10 Server and Storage Options
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much as an all-in-one server. If you want to create your own Web pages, and make them available for the world of Internet users to see, the Procom Taurus will support you. But I suggest using a Web hosting service until you feel comfortable handling the security necessary to host a Web server and keep it safe from hackers. The biggest problem connecting new network devices in many cases is aligning an existing computer or network with the new device s IP address assigned at the factory. You have to redo your computer, isolate any servers providing addresses, and then plug in the new device. Then you must change the device and, oh well, the whole process awaits in the Connecting Network Devices section just ahead. Procom s Taurus skips that painful step, because the front LCD screen lets you set the IP address before you plug the unit into your network. Major headache relief, believe me. When I tested this box, I set the IP address and then placed the Taurus in between my cable modem and my lab network. In just a few seconds the unit con gured itself for the cable modem broadband connection and passed traf c from my PC out to the Internet. Of course, equipment that becomes the primary rewall for a network should offer some strong management screens, details, settings, and reports. Alas, the Procom Taurus takes the too simple way out, giving too little information and too few con guration options. The e-mail server offers only basic information, but the Web server seems more capable. You can host multiple Web sites on the box, handy for small businesses with multiple ventures. If you re Alex of Alex s Financial Planning and of Alex s CPA Services, you can have two separate Web sites on the same Procom Taurus unit. But remember my concern about security when you host your own Web server. Pricing ranges from about $1,700 for an Intel Celeron 1.2 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and a 40GB hard drive to $2,350 for a unit with a 250GB disk. Only resellers and a few online shops carry the unit, so you may have to look around.
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Other choices
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The EmergeCore IT-100 ( advertises itself as a complete IT Department in a box but one must always be wary of brightly colored advertising. Following much the same road as the Procom Taurus, the EmergeCore IT-100 offers Web and e-mail servers, rewalls for placing the unit between your network and the Internet, VPNs, and some rudimentary security settings. Lacking wireless support and coming with only 128MB of RAM and a 40GB disk, the initial version of the EmergeCore doesn t stack up well in the statistics department. It does, however, transfer les faster than any server appliance I ever tested.
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