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Backing up Aunt Bessie s family photos is nice. Backing up the business records of Aunt Bessie s Photo Emporium is crucial. Although the primary mover of early network installations was the HP LaserJet, I always maintained the primary bene t of a server was data backup. Centralized servers back up all the data, either manually or automatically from each computer client, and provide one location from which all backups can run. Centralized storage means centralized backup and that means data security. 13 covers various backup options, tools, and best ways to make backups easier, but there are two critical areas, both provided by using a server, to consider now: Easy, reliable, regular, and automatic data backups Off-site storage of backed up data If you have a small business, in your home or in another location, a server may make the difference between you being in business after a problem or throwing in the proverbial towel. Like them or not, computers run the majority of businesses today. Trusting Lady Luck with your data security will likely work out as well as trusting Lady Luck at the casino to make payroll. It might work once or twice, but in the long run the house always wins. In the data security business, the house is fraught with chaos through accidents, worms, viruses, hackers, angry employees, and disasters. That s a lot of luck to rely on to keep your business up and running.
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Some people are naturally organized, and rarely lose a thing. Others are, well, organizationally immune.
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212 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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Searching through piles of photos at home to nd the one Aunt Bessie picture where everyone s smiling can take as long as you want. There s no deadline or time limit. Searching through marketing images to nd the one scheduled for the newspaper ad next week does have a deadline. Wasted time and lost images cost you money, as anyone in advertising will tell you. (A healthy percentage of ads are recreated because the originals disappear.) If you re not on speaking terms with neatness, a central le server will help limit your searches, and make it easier for someone else to help organize items within folders for you.
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After organizing your data, sharing your data becomes much easier. Unless you run a one-person company, company information must go to others. Large companies spend millions on customer relationship management (CRM) applications to track and keep customers. The key for all those big buck applications Shared information. You can t easily share the les on your computer, because peer-to-peer le sharing breaks down as the demands for information or number of users grows. Central le servers make sharing easier, and the included security options make sharing safer, as well. Peer-to-peer networking, long popularized by Macintosh systems and Windows starting with Windows 3.11, shares resources between devices without a centralized le storage location or security authentication controls. This works reasonably well for three to four computers, but then the need for security and organization strongly recommend moving to a server of some type. It may be that one PC with a big hard disk acts as the server for the other computers on the group by providing centralized storage space and using its access sharing controls to force some level of security. But a dedicated le server is almost always more secure, more reliable, and more manageable. Want to provide spreadsheets for quotes Put them on a le server in read-only mode, and no one will ever again overwrite your carefully constructed sheets.
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Computers people can touch aren t secure. Servers can be set on a desk or shelf anywhere and still do their job, because people don t type on their keyboards or watch their monitors (if they even have any). This fact makes it easier for servers to stay hidden in locked rooms (with proper ventilation, of course). Files on personal computers connected via basic peer-to-peer networking aren t particularly safe, either. Individual computers, especially PCs running Windows, regularly catch viruses. Individual computer users regularly delete the wrong les or overlay les by accident.
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